The Neverending Story the first movie hocked me but the fucking book is a masterpiece (book nerd shit)

Hot damn! What a book.

I wish I could say I read it when I was young but I read late. The first movie was my introduction the second can’t hold a candle to the first and book..

Well the book. Is the reason some stories need to be told and some stories will forever beloved by all that taste of them.

I can remember seeing it at the library on shelve and couldn’t believing it was there. I picked it and still couldn’t believe I was holding it. I took it and I read it.

It didn’t fuck with me like mostly every fucking classic need to read this book seemed to do in the day. It was a more enjoyable and magical tale and journey then both the movies and I still wonder to this day how in the fuck did the author get away with writing about the nothing and how absolute power currupts absolutely in the day….

Sweet Jesus! What a book. It was hard getting through that second half but the payoff in the end was gold.

No review. No spoilers. Please read it at least once.

Warm Regards


Updates on my book project and blog (writing craft)

It’s been three months sense the days gone dog got going.

Holy shit.

The ride has been a wild ride. I think the blog had 35 readers but now the blog is up to a hundred plus readers.

The material is the life and strange times I’m in. The comedy and weirdness of every day life.

The big book project for this year is picking up on the weekend. In slow periods but I’m putting in the words.

I plan to finish the book either in the summer or in writer’s November kiss.

What have I learned so far? When I was young I wanted to be a bard to express my self in words and pen. I was shit at it from the jump and not honest enough.

I’m writing now at a consistent rate and it’s the most honest and forthright I’ve been with curve toward bullshiting for my own sense of humor.

I just find a wide rang of shit in my life funny and I want to be honest about it. Very very few things piss me off nowadays. But, the focus for this blog is to make you laugh, smile and enjoy the ride of life. Instead of fearing tomorrow join me in my quest to embrace the uncertainty and live to take on the conflict with gusto and humor.

Save the doom and bed wetting for the black pillers and despair merchants.

Warm Regards


Ernst Hemingway taught the importance of voice (writing Craft) and (book nerd shit)

I’m not much of a scenery writer or that in the category of crazy ass balls genius. I just write and I enjoy the process of figuring out the moving parts of a story but most importantly…

I like voice.

You know that neverland feeling you get when you listen to a story and the characters voice and personality seem so real to you that you begin to weigh and question the motives of an imagined character.

It’s the one time in your adult life your allowed to go on rants about what the fuck was Frank thinking entertaining a thought of fucking with that bitch. I know. He wasn’t thinking at all. That bitch sat on his lap and took over the thinking department.

Love at first sight? More lust when she sat on his…

What the hell was I talking about? Yeah. Voice. I dig Hemingway’s pose with writing a voiced charecter that put you in the driver’s seat in the story.

I like that is a kin to magical for me. Story wise for with his stories and few I’ve read. I don’t care so much.

I like strong believable charecters you can hate, love or love to hate.

Warm Regards


Amazon is going converging into the shiter (book nerd shit)

In general you know my opinion on the stable of GOP hoes but this article has enough warning signs on it to get me on edge.

The short of it is that Amazon is going to start banning Conservative book authors under the ban of “hate speech” so that’s all she wrote.

I got a couple of books on Amazon and I bought the occasional item or book from the site. I got no bone in the dog fight between corporate cocain Democrats and Stable of Conservative hoes..


A site that is going to start banning books from authors they don’t like sounds my bullshit alarm up. I’m looking at ways of getting my books through my blog or another website I control.

I guess that’s my problem. I don’t like when someone has to much power over my shit and whether I can sell my shit.

Anyway, it’s just some shit I’ve been thinking about.

Warm, Regards


The long moonlight a casual read (book nerd shit)

The story is the tale of a thief in fantasy world of magic and mystic. The story is simple and a note shot read you can finish on a one hour bus ride.

Get it only if you enjoy a good lyrical trip of words and a nice journey.

As you may or may not have discerned about me. I am a lover of all things poetic and lyrical.

I just enjoy poetry as my go to rank of the media of creative words woven together.

I enjoy the author’s books and video videography for his personality and wordsmith art. That word smith art is in full display in his first novela.

Warm Regards,


The charecter that is the story…(on writing shit) and (book nerd shit)

One of my favorite new generation of writers dropped this quote to me from some old G.

“Create a strong character and a story will build itself around the character.”

I thought on that shit more then a minute and then gave up the pursuit. Then one evening or some time in between work and daylight dreaming I saw a man wake up in a open grave on witching hour. I heard his thoughts as I wrote them down.

– Fucking hell. Images of two dark harpies standing over me flashed in my mind. To that moment to that hour. My life ended under the full glow of mother moon’s smile.

This was it. My death. My own blood and shame pooled around me in the dirt. In the shit. On a night of my wedding anniversary when mother moons tears covered my face. Power drained from me. The call of the moon did not lend itself to my soul. I felt real rain hit my face and I realized with shock and dismay. I was still alive. I opened my eyes to hell. –

The story? No my dude. The story doesn’t matter. I didn’t create a story. I wondered into the life moments of a character that was telling me a moment or time in his current story. The world? Fuck all I know. I learn about that shit as he teaches me through his encounters with the locals.

It’s his world. The mystery is who he is. The mystery is why is he telling me this shit. The mystery is what kind of man is he. What lessons can he teach.

Think about that. Those kind of stories fuck with me but I find myself drawn into the world deeply with a real character whose thoughts and actions aren’t so simple or motives so easy to understand even to himself at times. That’s what I love about books and writing.

Warm Regards,


The phantom: Legazy & The Law (book nerd shit)

I rock with the phantom my dude. Purple jump suit and 1911s at his sides my dude. I just got a recent graphic novel that is a two book combo in one.

Legazy is mixture of stylish art with a depiction of a story I love dearly. The script and poetic pose of the character telling the story is delious poetry for the lyrical junky and for the bard’s soul it’s rich in song and rhythm.

True magical storytelling.

The story is classic and original. One man dawning his own destiny with a vow on the dead scowl of the bastard that killed his father cold. One man vows to take up the cause to fight piracy, greed, and injustice. On the sea sores of a beach of his destiny he vows and does craft is own true immortal destiny.

Real shit.

The second book The Law is a interesting tale. Told from the prospective of the phantom’s would be enemy.

Again, rich in poetry and melodies for the internal ear to hear. Delicious in creative pose and a nice change of pace for customed hero. A legend of timeless treasure.

I got it on the cheap surprisingly on Amazon. However, the quality of the printing makes me think it was previously owned by a knockoff version of a true book nerd.

It’s sown and heavyly glued. Sown quality is okay. The glue is the only thing holding the book together properly. Again for the price you get what you get. However if I had the means I would get it bound in cowhide leather and sown properly better.

Warm Regards,


Hot damn! What a time to be alive is the shit. (Book nerd shit)

Holy shit.

I’m getting up and getting ready for work my dude. Checking my email and looking through the fucking adds on my email account box.


I got a love and fucking hate for adds in general on websites and email boxes. It fucking messes up the flow of the box and distracts you from looking up your shit.

However, I am book nerd as I say in the title and occasionally an add telling you about a sale on your favorite website can be helpful. I think of adds as helping you in a direction to buy what you want and when you want to buy it at best.

Case and point. I get a email from fucking amazon about some books I might be interested in.


Amazon. Holy shit. I got a love and fucking take this bitch to the back of the barn and put this bitch down feeling about it. For a book nerd it’s a fucking gold mine of finding books and for a book nerd it’s a fucking bitch asshole with the rediculas unreasonable prices. A hundred dollars for a paperback that came out in 2013. Get the fuck out of here my dude.

In a post literally era that shit better be premium leather with a signature from Robert Frost on the back of it my dude. I’d pay top mother fucking dollar then. A paperback, not now or ever is worth a hundred dollars baring Robert Frost’s spit on it.

I come back to my point. I was in my email looking at an email from amazon for an author I was peeping at a few weeks ago. He had some titles that looked interesting. I clicked on and found one title that read like a fun ride. A noir action and adventure fantasy in a nineteen 30s new york type feel my dude. I like it. I rock that shit.

But it was a trilogy. I’m half and half on trilogies. The first better be the shit. I don’t like to get invested in a bullshit story from the jump with a bullshiting ending. Still I’m interested enough so I clicked on to the remaining books in the series. I stared at the prices.

Holy shit! A hundred dollars a piece!? Fuck out of here. I copy and past the author’s name unto

I find all that shit for under a hundred dollars. That’s what’s up my dude. I rock with that shit. I found this site a year ago and I’m going to buying from it more now my dude. Prices are decent. Collection of books is modest but great titles.

Warm Regards,