KDBooks takes R.C. Waldun to school….

Holy shit.

Fair warning this is premium book nerd shit.

Alright here’s the link to the book review of R.C. Waldun’s newest book?!

Short introduction to KDBooks. He’s a book hound with PHd in literature bullshit sniffing. He’s picked up a dumpster fire scent from the book.

The short summary is holy shit take the book off the shelves and take it back to be edited in a book editing hospital. Put that bitch in the intensive care unit for miss spellings, grammer and a lack of give a damn.

Holy shit.

The extreme levels of big dick energy rage had your dude wanting to take KDBOOKS to a bar for a fucking beer just to console his soul on having to read and study the book in question.

Holy shit.

This dude examined the book from the cover to lettering, to quotes, to plot (the fuck?!) and to the story. (The shit)

My thoughts….

Holy fucking hell?!

What the piss?

What kind of bullshit logic is that?

Mate, come on bro. You didn’t edit this shit. Mate you got to take this shit off the shelf bro. Your embarrassing yourself Mate.

My conclusion…

R. C. Waldun is a great video essayist to a point. He’s also twenty years old and really doesn’t know enough about life then he thinks he does or himself.

We’re living in a post literate era. R. C. Waldun is a product of that. As am I.

Holy shit! I can’t believe he put that shit out like that. Waldun has a huge following and supporters. He has a bigger commitment to them in the least get the spelling in the fucking title correct.

You know I feel like a hypocritical asshole for how many spelling errors I do and have to correct on my blog being critical of Waldun but….

Damn it to hell and back I’m not the fucker that is presenting myself as a university scholar and lover of academia and all that bullshit. He is an academic. He’s been going to school a long ass time….hmm.


Why the fuck is he still in school?

What the fuck is his objective to being there? Real talk, school isn’t life. School is prep work for what you want to do in your life. Who the fuck wants to stay in school forever?

Fuck it. The dude needs to stick to video work because at least he gets his work edited properly.

Warm Regards,



I’m at a stand still with throne of bones..

Thank God for the Luminaries. Real talk. I can’t even be paid to give a fuck about this one chapter.

I got five fucking pages to go and I’m like holy fucking shit it feels like a mile a away to getting past this shit.

In a way I’m getting a feeling the evil old bastard that got shanked on the street was right the whole time in his schemes of world domination. But, the fuck I care. Still glad he’s dead and gone..ohhh.

Fuck em. Again. Fucker danced with the devil his bitch ass eventually got his shit kicked in. He was a fucking murder. Fuck him and his murderous mourning family.

His plan was shit anyway. He should have tried to shrink (the blank) and let people have their own shit and be left the fuck alone.

I don’t like spoilers for books I like. I highly recommend A Throne of Bones. Inspite of my current bullshit battle with this chapter.

Anyway, I have to speed read through the shit on a day I’ll get the nerve. Until then which might be next year at my pace I’ll read The Luminaries.

Warm Regards,


Holy shit! Author of The Luminaries….she a bad bitch.

I’m still in the beginning of the damn book. But, holy shit. Every time I pick the book up and read a few pages…I’m like…..

Damn. Hot damn! This author is a bad bitch.

The plot my dude. The plot is like a slow drip tear drops of sweat running down the round backside of a bad bitch.

I ain’t in love but shit. I’m digging the writing my dude. Information is leaked out by charecters that feel real and authentic.

Maybe I’m over analyzing. It can’t continue to be this good through the whole book…..

The narrative though. She’s a sneaky bad bitch. Lifting her skirt an inch and revealing tidbits of information. She knows the score of the song but she smiles and closes her mouth before she says to much.

I know. I going book nerd to much over this shit. I have no idea where this going and I don’t want to be told the end.


I tried to watch another review about the book from some asshole that didn’t like it to be objective. This mother fucker in two seconds from his intro started saying spoiler shit about the book about why he didn’t rock with it.

Mother fucker had your dude wanting to pimp slap this asshole if he was in the room.

Holy shit.

I stopped the video in time but I had to do my best to forget that shit because I am into the book. The first reviewer I read had some fucking respect for the author not tell much details about the book because the plot is that thick but the writing is that good shit you pay top dollar for.

That was weak ass shit that fucker tried to do. Anyway, the author is a bad bitch.

Warm Regards,


It’s been a bit of time and I’m dipping back in the Luminaries…

I had to take some time away from reading the book but I’m dipping back into now that I have a quiet moment to myself.

The narrator….I missed her. She’s very much apart of the time and heavily wishing to tell you the tale as it unfolds.


I just have that feeling every time I listen to her voice recounting the events as they unfold and keeping back personal details she knews leaving it up to the characters to reveal the secrets one droplet of information at a time.

I’m still in the beginning of the mystery. I’m taking my time and enjoying the casual walk feel of the plot.

I like it. The first character again interests me. I can take my time with this….

The first whisper of…..

The 8.

Warm Regards,


I’m going through a tough period right now…I’m on chapter 49 in ATOB

A Throne of Bones is amazing book but I have a problem.

The current events of some evil old fuck getting shanked in the back and his family dealing with the shit isn’t my cup of tea. I don’t give a fuck.

I hate this section because it’s intellectually interesting but I can’t be bothered to give a fuck. I hated the fucker and was indifferent to him being shanked and dying in the street.

Fuck em. Seriously I understood the dude and I could empathize with him but fuck um. The fucker did some dirty shit a few chapters back and got what he deserved. He danced a dangerous game and cashed a check his ass couldn’t cash.

Great book but the current section is a slug to get through because of my lack of a give damn.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

I know I’m book nerding out but fuck it why not.

The dialog in The Luminaries is addictive

I’m dipping into the Luminaries again today. I’m still on the beginning section of the book.

Okay. The thing that made me want to read this book is because of how weird and interesting it sounded in a review I saw.

But, one thing that I remembered as I was reading was the mention of how much of a page turner it is.

Honest and true. It is. I find myself comfortably engaged in the story, the plot and in the moments of reading and having my imagination of the scenes going on in my head.

The narrator that is telling you the story is a character as well.

It gives me that Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy feel type of narrative voice. Not British humor narrative but that close and personal feel of third person in that room sharing events of what’s happening in the room.

I really dig it. I could rock with this book for more then a couple months.

Warm Regards,


One day, one day soon I will finish reading Dune.

I love the 1984 Dune movie as a kid. I was weird, it was an experience and it was….

Boring at times. But, I still loved it.

I tried reading Dune. The first book in the series. Children of Dune fucked me up bad. I could understand Frank’s need to understand Jesus and all that bullshit but fucking hell. It was a mind fuck.

Mind you I read first book Dune and got that feeling from it that I was about to get mind fucked as I got half in the shit. I know where I stopped and what made me stop. I might even know the page number but I had to stop.

I got sneak mind fucked with Ender’s game. That shit fucked me up for years. Yes I know about the other books. Hell no I ain’t reading that shit.

I’m not saying either book is bad. The opposite. Those books works of fucking art. I’m saying that shit will fuck with you because it makes you think about the human condition and the nature of being human and the concepts of morality, justice and God. That for me I had to pause and just on that shit.

Books like Dune won’t be forgotten or lost in time. It is cemented in human western cultural stories.

But, holy shit. That shit still fucks with me.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

Frank Herbert is a fucking genius.

Rediscovering Double Star by Robert A. Heinlein

Thank the Lord books are cheap. I’m perusing thriftbooks.com yesterday just looking through the site for books I might like and books I’ve read and never bought before.

I come across in passing Double Star at the public library. I read it once ten plus years ago in college. Not for any perticular class just to read because the cover just caught me.

The cover was the thing I remembered but funny thing is I didn’t remember the author or title. Weird I know but I’m getting later on. It’s really on the cheap because well…who the fuck is looking for it but book nerds.

I love the story. Politics. Comedy and interesting likeable relateable characters. No spoilers.

It’s a weird time I find myself in. I’m becoming more engaged in building my library then gaming most days. I look at political simulation we’re and it just makes me want to get lost in again books like I did when I was kid.

It’s a welcome rest at times.

Warm Regards,


Just read chapter 38 and I’m on 39 of Throne of bones…holy shit.

I’m digging it my dude. Marcus is turning into one of favorite characters in this book. Along Lodi.

Holy shit. No spoilers it just involves facing an army out numbering you and coning your way out of the shit with talking and..a shovel.

Oh may have said to much.

Hot damn! What a time to be alive. I got this book on audio, and ebook versions. I have to get the hard back.

I haven’t been this excited and engaged in a book like this in…fuck to long.

Warm Regards


Alright I’m looking to a translation of Marcus Aurelius…I need a bit of help.

Your comments wanted. The first time I listened to an audiobook of the legend’s meditation I was…confused.

I thought….okay when is it going to get to the meat. The famous shit. All I heard was wisdom. Simple and pure wisdom. Truth that is true for all time.

I kept listening…..I was half an hour in and I realized…oh this is a wisdom book. It was more then a little surprising in a good way. Marcus spoke that real shit.

The translation I heard was by George Long.

Excellent translation but I’m wondering if there are better translations I can find. Looking to get a hardback or paper for Christmas later part of the year.

Any advice is well appreciated.

Warm Regards,


Okay. I’m interested in reading…The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

Alright. I heard this review of this book and it has all the elements of brilliant weirdness that are sparking my interest..still right now reading wise I’m busy. I reading Throne of Bones by Vox Day. I took a break for a few weeks or so but I’m back on it.

Throne of Bones will take me about the rest of the year to finish but I love it. It’s just a wild ride.

But, I’m seriously interested in getting The Luminaries. In hardback.

Plot driven. Strong characters. Interesting web of a world of twisting events.

You know I was thinking about getting that switch combo but peeping the price on books again and I’m again thinking about saying fuck the switch for a couple more months until Breath of Wild 2 comes out fingers crossed next year.

It’s the weekend. I’m going to be into my books with no shirt on today.

Warm Regards