I finished writting Blue Jumper my thoughts….

Not how I would like to have ended it but awesome all way around. 26 episodes in total. It ends on a light note with a door open for the story that will follow in the order of the DAWN OF THE SUPERS series.

Blue Jumper published 2022

Rising Dragon coming soon….

Steel Toe Technomancer coming soon…

The Elder published 2021

True steel detective coming soon….

Each book is a stand alone story at different timeliness of the series so you can read them as you will.

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Experimenting in Blue Jumper….

I’m writing on two new episodes and I get the feeling I know where it’s headed. It’s an idea of micro tribal behavior and pair bonding.

The blue dawn event in the series so far is still something that happened recently in the timeline so the evolutionary effects are now becoming viewable.

I have conclusions and guesses for what the culture will become and how that culture best functions but I’m going to let it play out. The lore and world building is going great though.

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