The tree that cries on rainy days….

I pass the tree on the road to work every day. In the morning it provides shade and shadows on the ground.

In the evening on my way back on my weekly pass back from work it rains on the sidewalk and stoney ground.

Droplets fall slowly from it’s leaves onto the ground.

I paused in my walk. I find myself staring and wondering. Why? Why does it seem so beautiful. The Texas sky is above. Calm and cloudy. Always a beautiful sight in whatever season of a year. The sun is setting and the shadows are fading.

Why is it a beautiful sight to me? Why does the sight call to me? To admire. To pause. To breath. To stop and take notice.

The droplets falling. The way the tree leans over toward me. Some times I feel a droplet fall on my skin. On the back of my work tired hands. It’s refreshing in a way on a hard day back. To feel a droplet of life’s tears fall on me and cause me to ponder and stare in amazement at the beauty of nature in a city of man made modern marvels blending nature and human convenience.

Warm Regards


Is a 9 to 5 job bullshit? That depends is it job in Wall Street or Burger King? Either way what are you aiming for?

In a word. Purpose. I’m getting into it again. What is the purpose behind you doing something or selling something to achieve something?

Real talk. I’m not money minded. I’m why am I doing this? What am I aiming for?

There has to be a focus for why we do what we do. For a young dude it could be simple a 2021 mustang. I can understand that and rock with that.

A down payment on a house. I can rock with that too and give the dude a fist bump.

What is the aim? Before I sell my time and energy to anything what is the aim I’m shooting for. What is important to me?

I really think of money as resource to achieve what I want to do. I don’t value money.

A wall street job depending upon your level of focus and interests can get you to a goal faster in some regards and be a ego boost with culture that surrounds the job class.

A Burger king job can be step Ladder to something else down the road. The funds used from such a feat can get you some where to goal you have off in the future.

Can you achieve high goals with a Burger King job? It depends on the plan and goal. If your focus is steady and plans are steady you do it.

Behind all this is the assumption that to be employed in anything is a means of selling your time and energy in one regard and spending the remainder of your time trying to achieve goals that add value to your life and well-being.

That should always be the question set in a dude’s mind in getting into any of this shit. What is my aim? What the fuck am I doing this for?

Life isn’t a joke and time spent on anything you can’t get that shit back. So what are you aiming for when you do what you do?

Warm Regards


An Ode to Mr. Rodgers.

Some men fight battles for sake of winning fame and fortune. Some men fight battles forsake of providing joy and love in a media of mind control and madness.

Mr. Rodgers was a warrior in the face of beast that is Television.

Born of struggles of modern times. Born a man. Born to do battle with harsh realities of this life in kindness, in humbleness and willness to offer a change in a space of so much nonesense and political messages to warp young minds with darkness and no confidence.

I have to many thoughts and not enough articulations to brave the wider scope of such a man.

The legacy he left behind is a treasure for all time embedded in my heart and mind. So true the earnest heart and true spirit. I am in part the way I am in thanks to you.

To the defender of The Good, The Beautiful and The True. Though you rest in peacefull slumber. Truth has embraced you and welcomed you home. You live. You live still on in this world of madness among us in our memories and actions.

Warm Regards


I’ve been flying blind for a few days without my glasses…I have thoughts.

I wear glasses. So do most nerds and dumbass wizards with PHds’ in Persuasion and communication.

Though I’m a Bard by nature and practice. I try to find the comedy and weirdness to strange and uncomfortable times. Long boring story short. I broke my main pair of spectacles and my backup pair I lost on the roads to the fuck I know where.

I got two pair of glasses on the way the eye doctor had to order out a special made pair because my vision is well fucked. I’m a blind mother fucker but without a cane but for now and the past couple of days I’ve been well..flying blind. When I say blind. I mean things are clear two inches from my face and then I got to make my way through a blurry world of solid shapes.

The weirdness. It’s not that bad because I realized most days I don’t really see where I’m going. There’s just a pattern I follow.

You know the shit. We all have routines to work and from work and at home. You reach for a glass without looking to see if it’s there. You walk over shit your brain knows is there because it was there for the last two months. You deal with changes as best you can but for the most part the patterns of today will be the patterns of tomorrow.

It made me think about how much routine goes into a day that comes to one point you depend on the routine and your mind just adjusts to minor changes on the fly.

Even more weirdness. Changes happen. Things get in my way the fucking road is forever under construction but even all this just becomes a part of the pattern of adjustments and fixing my mind on the goals to achieve instead of not being able to fucking see, drive or recognize another person’s face.

It’s difficult and yet I can adjust. I’ve had moments when I had to all of my life adjust and dance through and past shit atound me to think about something else.

Warm Regards


P.S. I’ve been blogging from my phone two inches from my face my dude that requires dedication.

Holy shit…cyberpunk is a fucking goldmine..

Holy shit my dude. Cyberpunk is fucking gold mine for ideas my dude. Look I have a fun time with this shit I mean the fucking lore and the shit I’m coming up with is straight fun.

Stars Wars the orginal shit is my jam but this cyberpunk treasure shit is giving me ideas and enjoyment of a world that is geniunely interesting and a play ground to mix different things in.

You know that scene with Luke Skywalker in the Mandelarian coming killing druids and being bad ass…hmm.

Warm Regards


Black Rambo philosophy on conflict and social Hierarchy

When a dude is most relaxed and free to engage in being himself you find a natural philosophy in that hour…

Black Rambo philosophy on conflict. Well…they are all for it. In fact. In point of fact they’re always looking for an enemy to be in conflict with real or imaginary.

Real talk. Most if not all of the Black Rambo’s I’ve grown up around or encountered on the way of here to the grave are Alpha wolves.

Money is power to the black Rambo whether he is religious or otherwise doesn’t matter and money has a natural atmosphere for attracting conflict and the natural instincts of the Black Rambo to be conflict thrusty. Maybe to thrusty at times with shit they hunt after.

Social Hierarchy?

By and large black rambos are very socialable and likeable group when their in a mood for a party. Extroverted Black Rambos is a norm. Introverts are a weird strain not common at all.

Alpha Black Rambo can be a leader of the home just not the executive of the home. On averge I say Black Rambos prefer a matriarchal system. Though they wouldn’t say it out right. Patriarchal systems work are rare but tend to lead to good results for strong legacy.

On a whole it’s rarer still to meet a Black Rambo that doesn’t have a passing wholesome affection for young black legacy holders. The ones that don’t want a family at all or think of a man’s legacy as annoyances or bastards well…their whores so their opinions on children counts for shit all.

Money and stuff. Money is seen as the means of power and top grade seat as leaders of the Black Rambo tribe or go into politics. Have a Lambretta and your top shit even if you’ve got six kids and haven’t been married.

My skin folk are how they are and have fast and solid social rules that stand the test of time.

Warm Regards


A strange case of the modern west. Tale of two atheists…

My mind goes back a bit to the scariest intellectual shit that left me thinking holy shit this is what a true secular person looks like.

A few years ago, I saw this interview with Tim Pool and sargon of akkad. They were outside and talking about politics, religion and just hanging out talking his projects he had going.

A short word on Sargon. He’s man of the west and an educated atheist and he’s a fighter. Without question…BIG DICK ENERGY!!


Sargon mentions in passing a fraze from the bible or really a saying that westerners use in relation to someone putting blame on another person. A scapegoat. Tim gets this blank expression and asks Sargon what he means by scapegoat. He had never in his fucking life heard that saying.

Sargon blinks and looks at Tim and then calmly explains that from the Christian old testment a scapegoat was a goat Hebrew prist symbotically put the people’s sins on and sent out into the forest along with their sins. Basically someone you put your guilt, crimes on.

Why did it matter? Most westerns today don’t know a damn thing about Christianity but from jukes by atheist who don’t know shit about Christianity let alone traditions of honor or the value of justice in the system of belief.

Tim Pool is an uneducated atheist. He’s of the same generation as me but I grew up having ideals, traditions and beliefs handed down to me and then having my beliefs challenged by reading books by arthors of the west and different time periods and formed my own beliefs by established virtues primarily of the noble western virtues.

Tim Pool? Who is this man? What is his beliefs? What is free speech? Does he even know the history or intellectual bullshit behind it?

This is not a dig on Tim. I had questions. What does a person born and raised in a non tradition non knowledge of history of western morality willing to do to preserve the 1st world environment he grew up in.

The answer came to me years later. Nothing.

Tim Pool at that moment and probably even now is a talker. Why the fuck would he wish to preserve the west if he had never been charged with the duty and given the traditions of the west. He believes in free speech but does he know who coined the words together. Maybe, the writer was just bullshiting. Has he even thought about the cons of free speech and the fucking fact we have liable laws? Some times you are liable to the law for what you say. There is always an expection to free speech.

Food for thought….personally I believe there is a certain level of bullshit to free speech. Do I consider it a western virtue? At the moment no. Why? There is no virtue in bullshit.

Warm Regards


Let’s take Tango & Cash, Legend of Zelda and Cyberpunk (brainstorming)

Holy shit what a mix. Let’s see what we get…



I drove my truck up behind the black transport truck and got out. I got a look at the driver in her side mirror. A tall Amazon with red hair and a gerudo tattoo on her arm sent off red flags in my head.

Fucking Gannon’s people were coming in.

I took one fucking step out of my car and then the fucker took off down the streets of Hyrule. Shit.

I jumped back in my ride turned on my siren and took off for the transporter. My computer in my ride started up. I glanced over at the image of my father on the screen glaring at me.

“Zelda. What the fuck are you doing chasing that transporter? It’s not your bust.”

I shrugged. “It’s Hyrule Kingdom business. The driver is a Gerudo. The truck has no tags. He’s either taken something or the truck driver is headed for the castle.”

“Shit. Back off the truck’s in the west region. I’m sending in the Cash to deal with it.”

I shook my head. “Fuck that. He’s just a kid. I can handle it. Just send units to the castle for protection. My unit will handle it.”

Suddenly, a blue Hyrule Police cycle pulled up to my side. A bond haired cowboy smiled at me. “Hey, Princess. You need assistance?” Link Cash said to me with a handsome smile.

“I got it Cash. Back off. It’s Hyrule security business.” I said.

His expression changed. “Gannon?! Shit. I got it back off.”

I flipped him. As I  drove on ahead and raced to the side of the truck and rammed into the side of building. The driver get out of her truck and leaped on to my truck dragged me out and threw me five feet to the street.

I landed on the ground hard but my body armor took must of the damage. The bitch came at me fast.

Shit. I got out my piece and fired at her. She dodged my shots like bees. Her eyes glowed gold. The fuck? Shit! She had leg and eyes enhancements.

Suddenly, Cash was in front of me with the master’s sword in his hand and riot shield. The gerudo female leaped on him like a giant…well like a fucking amazon but Cash rebounded her attack with his shield sending her flying back into the front of her truck.

Cash helped me to my feet as the Gerudo got up and sent a lighting attack at him with her fingers.

Shit. I got in front of him blocking the attack with my light energy shield. The light blinded the gerudo from our view until it faded ten seconds later and we saw her gone.

“Shit, princess. King Tango is going to be pissed at you for getting yourself almost killed. Luckily he’ll give me a medal for saving your pretty ass.”

I turned to him. Cash had that stupid sexy shit eating grin on his face that made me want to slap him or take him for a ride on a hotel room bed to see if he was all bullshit. “Fuck you, Cash.”

Hmmm. Wow. This is just wow.

Warm Regards


The legend of Zelda call back to the stories of west and the moral virtues of old.

The hero’s journey and the struggle for man against a power hungry pig and quest to save the princess.

The legend of Zelda is a series of games that vary in good, bad and weird. I have my favorites. I just like the series in general.

Zelda just offers fun and mini challenges that appeal to me as a pick up and play or just zen out on a Saturday morning.

Challenges. I just enjoy the levels of challenges that rang in degree.

The story isn’t fucked with that much overall but it has it’s levels of blend and refinement of the hero’s journey. I love how the Legends change but the archetypes and names remain the same. The moral code remains the same and layered in complex themes. Courage (the Hero) wisdom (the Princess) and power (the Pig).

Courage guided by purpose. Wisdom seen as the prize to obtain and power as seen as the thing to tame and bring into submission by the combination of courage and wisdom working together.

Gameplay is action adventure, challenges and puzzles. It’s all just one fun little ride.

Warm Regards


Culture war theories:Western culture storytelling vs The Empire of Disney

Disney is a goble company with no ties or loyalties to The West only money to be made from western culture and pissing on the fables and legacy storytelling of The West.

Fuck. They can’t even tell a half assed Mullan story without shitting the bed with The East and The West.

Why though? They own the fables and stories of the West, right?! They own the rich creative properties of the past, right?!

How the fuck can you own the heroes journey or western culture storytelling?!

Still though, they own the art but have zero respect for the traditions and legacy or history of the art. How do I know this?

Is Ray of the Star Wars Disney movies a bad bitch? Is she sexy? Does Ray have a heroic story arc that is classic to western female characters of the 70s, 80s or 90s female characters in movies at least?

Ray? I think of her as a sex less nun at best or a big headed alien the universe is centered around.

Mullan, 2020. Is that movie on pair with Eastern female archetypes? Is it even using fantasy in a way that is indicative of asian females.

I made the state in passing that Star Wars is dead in a previous blog. Commercial wise yes but it was also a call to say it’s time to create the next legacy that is callback to Flash Gordon and heros journey or in my case Tango & Cash meets Highlander.

Warm Regards


An Ode to Count Dankula

Rich in worth and comedy.

Human. To his very bone. Brave and enduring in a time of pussies and asshole globle asshole diggers.

Faced with the threat of imprisonment and bullshiting because of a dog and some little dick assholes burned in the memory modern day blue haired dumbasses.

He took to court and he was pronounced guilty. The fucking comedy of modern day first world problems. Now he spends his days busting his blog and making videos about the legendary evil bastards and other weird shit.

Now….in English.

Some fucking Scottish YouTube comedian did a joke involving a dog and some asshole named Hitler. Fuck I care. The shit wasn’t that funny and I lost interest. The comedy was seeing a dude go to court for a joke and be found guilty and then him making a failed bid as a politician to change the shit only to create the best comedy/weird shit about evil bastards of the past video series named mad lads.

I don’t care about his politics. Real talk. I love the dude for making me laugh and having an amazing sense of humor about the weird shit he went with the law. He’s a fighter and family man. I rock with both and I respect both.

Warm Regards