an argument for #Blackpill to end. #Excellence

Part 2

Truth and lies.

There are things in this life I like many young boys and young men were taught to follow the path of go to school, go to college maybe university and above all else get a degree.

Because knowledge is power.

It’s only as you age and hopefully gain wisdom you realize this a lie. In short people with power or in positions of power very few times have or gained their power by being knowledgeable or as discerning. In fact the world is not run by rulers of superior knowledge.

It’s run by people with the understanding that power is power.

How does this relate to Blackpills or excellence? A positive point toward Blackpillers is that some of it’s propopoants declare that a man should not live his life on lies or a fictional view of how the world works. A man should embrace the harsher element of the truth of life.

Where then the Blackpill ideology falls apart is that it stops there or it does go the extra mile. What is the purpose then of gaining knowledge for a proticular craft your interested in or have a natural talent in?

I push forth my own answer in blunt fashion as so:

To shine with excellence and to be the man people look to get shit done.

Excellence and application of what you do and how you do it are the gifts that come with achieving high levels of knowledge in a chosen field, profession, trade or craft. The time taken to sparken your skills to learn new skills and better perform over the other guy is what a man strives for in gaining respect,.position and an elevation of power.

Yes. There is a harshness to this world. A unforgivingness to this world but men were created in this world and for ages men have conquered and dominated in this world. Currently in the first world it doesn’t seem so much true but

Men achieve high levels of excellence in the heart of conflict difficulties and pain. Life comes with pain and trouble but this is not new. This is the reality our ancestors dealt with managed and in some cases mastered by embracing the truth and excelling in to high levels of excellence and self-esteem.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Warm regards



An argument for the end #Blackpill philosophy. Ambition.

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Opening remarks….

First off I will start with diffintions



a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

“He was born dirt poor and grew up in a small apartment. So he worked hard to get the house, car and life he wanted as a kid and give it to his own kids.”

“Nobody gave Luke anything. He had to get his wealth out of the mud.”

Now blackpill?

The notion or philosophy or ideology has to many diffintions and interpretations. I will have to make one myself but be honest about it and hopefully fair to the otherside.



Life is dark at times, hostle and tough. I accept it and the realities about life not being easy. I can even embrace that harshness and darkness.

“Life was hard for Danny. He accepted it.”

The realities of life can be harsh to deal with especially sense young man are raised to believe lies about the nature of life being tough and real. However, this isn’t the full reality of life because isn’t simple or binary as we as men were taught as young boys.

There is beauty and truth and joy to life inspite of the weird and dark moments. But, sometimes you’ll only see those moments at the end of pushing through your darkest moments. Ambition or having a strong desire to accomplish objectives in life that you can invest in is what being a man is about.

I’m speaking in general to young men and men of my generation that I see and listen to this philosophy coming from. The blackpill ideology leads nowhere toward embracing a full experience of life from it’s joys and sorrows to the thrill of achieving minor and major leaps of success. A man must not embrace this ideology i.e. poison into his life. He must as is his duty as a man reject it and become the builder of his world and produce a legazy for his people, tribe and nation.

It will be my attempt in these posts to nail home the point until the eradication of blackpill ideology from modern society social forms is complete.

Warm regards