Last story finished for the year….Lords of Delta: Vince

Yep so I finished LORDS OF DELTA: Vince and obey was it a hell of a ending….

This is probably the most unlikely story I finished this year that I found myself stuck for several days and a month in and change trying to figure out an ending for this story but I figured it out when I finally got day when I wasn’t working to figure it out and hammer out a ending to it but it was well worth the wait and I’ve finally started on book 2 of the series.

What did I learn?

I need to plan out my days more and again work on finishing one project at time. I got jammed up just thinking on an ending for the story and all I really needed was to stop stressing about it and take a full day to write it out.

I also learned that wrapping up a story and calling the ending back to the beginning is worth the effort, thinking and planning to get it done right.

How would I rate the story?

Fun time with a friend.

How would I rate the main character?

Like able, strange and fun.

How would I rate the ending?

Fucking Ten rockets in shooting up in the sky.

I can’t wait start working on my next one.

Warm Regards


Blue Technomancer coming in June…

Blue Technomancer

Beau Lucas had it all.

The charm, the looks, the mind, the hot girl and the skills of a true sniper elite in the special forces. All that went to shit in a single blazing hellish day when a giant flaming monster dropped down on him on the day of his proposal and changed his life and destiny forever. He awoke to the dawn of a new day in human history in a broken body mired in blood, steel and strange new elemental powers.

I’m putting it on Amazon Vella. Already have seven episodes down for the first half of the season 1 and already working season 2

Story takes place in New York City during the first events of the alien landing on the city in the book Blue Jumper. It’s a gritty action heavy story with a main character that is believable and you can connect to that kicks ass and you want to truly succeed in spite of the madness he has to contend with in the new world he has awoken up in.

Warm regards


P. S.

The Amazon vella app has improved.

Experimenting on Wettpad…I don’t know but I really am beginning to hate Amazon book publishing

My experiment.

I’ve had a wettpad for a couple years and I decided to try it out and put a story on the fly.

I’m pretty sure now after a few minutes of trying it. I still need to work it a bit more and analyze a week of productive work for days but I think. I might stop fucking with Amazon vella entirely.

Amazon….holy shit. I can’t even pretend now that Amazon gives a damn about Vella. Wettpad is going to curb stomp them. I’ll finish what I got with Blue Jumper and then fuck Amazon.

It’s not even money. Amazon just doesn’t give a piss about the system or doing the shit half way right. I can’t stand it.. I don’t see a point of Vella now. It’s shit. Not the writers or readers. The fucking system is shit. I’m pulling out.

Warm regards


Blue Jumper episodes 20 “Master Mind” & 21 “choose him or her” are up…

The episodes

Episode 20 “Master Mind”

Zack and Eddie go looking for help in finding where Lance has taken Jenny Evens from Eddie’s old boss simply called the Master Mind.

Episode 21 “choose him or her?”

This is the season ending episode. It always appears the new super unit is always two steps behind Lance and his partner Miss Phillips. Zack and Eddie arrive at the location they got from the Master Mind where Jenny is being auctioned off only to see her pushed out a window from a high rise building. They are held at gun point by Lance. Zack is given a choice on who to save. He’s out of energy and can only save one. Jenny or Eddie. Who will he choose? Or is there another option?

Warm regards


Blue Jumper episode 19 is up….

The episode

As Zack and Eddie go through the information about Phillips Tom and Hank are on their way to interview the real Miss Phillips. Zack begins to feel something is off and finds himself connecting with Tom’s mind. Hank and Tom have arrived at the real Miss Phillips’ place to begin the interview but something is weird from the jump.

Warm regards…


Blue Jumper episodes 17 “Recruiting a big brain” & 18 “Working our way backwards”

The episodes

episode 17 “Recruiting a big brain”

Zack pays a visit to Jenny Evens on the tail end of the day to “recruit” her into the unit. They get into a little discussion and Zack makes some discoveries of his own in her closet.

Episode 18 “Working our way backwards”

Zack and Eddie get a crash course in normal detective work and are assigned into back tracking information on finding out the process of when, where and how Philips recruited. A funny back and forth between Eddie and Zack takes place and Eddie makes discoveries about Zack’s ethnic heritage by his lingo verbiage.

Warm regards


Blue Jumper episodes 15 “the assignment” & 16 “How do you do that” are up…

episode 15 “the assignment”

The newly formed Supers unit is now out of boot camp and on shaky ground. Zack knows General James is worried about what will be the fallout of the sudden end of boot camp. His team encourages him to listen in on the closed door conversation through the general’s mind…..

Episode 16 “How do you do that”

General James questions Zack on his ability to read minds and how it works. Zack isn’t a scientist but he has ideas and suggestions for how the ability works….

Warm regards


Blue Jumper episode 13 is up….

episode 13 “Trainning is over”

Zack breaks out of the vision of the watcher and finds himself in world of trouble. Eddie Long has him pushed up against the brink. He is one second away from death or one last jump home…..


When season 1 is fully out. I’m going to record an audio drama of it and upload it for anyone interested. The ebook will come later.

Season 2

Is in the works in my head and I have to go over my notes. I have to plan it out and I might put up a new cover for it. As for now I am break from writing on it. Again. I am figuring it out as I go along. I just have to figure how to roll it out. Either. I’m leaning toward uploading it on Bitchut as a audio book style video. I have to learn how convert it to audio drama but I might just hire out for that. The audio drama technical genre is coming much later.

Warm regards


Blue Jumper episode 12 is up

Episode 12 “Watching, the Watchers”

Zack finds himself in a strange room of video cameras and army guards walking around. He is uneasy. His unease is kicked up a notch by the thoughts of a mind in the room as the man seems to be dreaming of the past and thinking b strange dark thoughts from some outside source. Another mind is trying to control the Watcher of the Supers Camps.

Warm regards


P. S.

I got an idea for how end season1 of Blue Jumper.