Blue Technomancer coming in June…

Blue Technomancer

Beau Lucas had it all.

The charm, the looks, the mind, the hot girl and the skills of a true sniper elite in the special forces. All that went to shit in a single blazing hellish day when a giant flaming monster dropped down on him on the day of his proposal and changed his life and destiny forever. He awoke to the dawn of a new day in human history in a broken body mired in blood, steel and strange new elemental powers.

I’m putting it on Amazon Vella. Already have seven episodes down for the first half of the season 1 and already working season 2

Story takes place in New York City during the first events of the alien landing on the city in the book Blue Jumper. It’s a gritty action heavy story with a main character that is believable and you can connect to that kicks ass and you want to truly succeed in spite of the madness he has to contend with in the new world he has awoken up in.

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P. S.

The Amazon vella app has improved.

Blue Jumper episodes 20 “Master Mind” & 21 “choose him or her” are up…

The episodes

Episode 20 “Master Mind”

Zack and Eddie go looking for help in finding where Lance has taken Jenny Evens from Eddie’s old boss simply called the Master Mind.

Episode 21 “choose him or her?”

This is the season ending episode. It always appears the new super unit is always two steps behind Lance and his partner Miss Phillips. Zack and Eddie arrive at the location they got from the Master Mind where Jenny is being auctioned off only to see her pushed out a window from a high rise building. They are held at gun point by Lance. Zack is given a choice on who to save. He’s out of energy and can only save one. Jenny or Eddie. Who will he choose? Or is there another option?

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Blue Jumper episode 12 is up

Episode 12 “Watching, the Watchers”

Zack finds himself in a strange room of video cameras and army guards walking around. He is uneasy. His unease is kicked up a notch by the thoughts of a mind in the room as the man seems to be dreaming of the past and thinking b strange dark thoughts from some outside source. Another mind is trying to control the Watcher of the Supers Camps.

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P. S.

I got an idea for how end season1 of Blue Jumper.

Blue Jumper episodes 9 & 10 are up…

Episode 9 “Camp B”

Zack dreams of Jenny Evens first day and arrival at the camp and her experiences and encounter with the other Sargent West.

Episode 10 “Trainning”

Zack goes head to head with his team mates and Sargent West of Camp A. Things get heated but Zack finds himself adjusting to Sargent West’s trainning and gaining confidence in his Jumping power.

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Blue Jumper Episode 6 is up….

The episode

A goddess and her father

Zack recalls an exstreamly long detailed dream about his dream girl and her father. Jenny Evens has had an exstreamly physical change in a similar matter as Zack. She is coping with it as best as she can.

The conversation is a long detailed drawn out dream in which he recalls the thoughts, feeling and emotions of the two as they discuss a “job offer” that is strangely like the one Zack has been recently offered.

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Blue Jumper Episode 5 is up

The episode

Dajivu? Or something else

Have you experienced this moment before?

Zack discovers another possible outcome of being changed by the giant alien that crashed down on his plant. He is questioned about what he knows and ease by which he is taking information and the suddenness of the changes he has to make in his life.

Jumping to different locations isn’t the only thing he’s able to do. He has a nervous habit of jumping ahead of conversations before they happen.

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What I’m learning writing Blue Jumper #onwriting

I normally write my stories in first person point of view but I took a break from that to practice in close third person with some experimenting.

It’s difficult though I wrote my first books in the style but I haven’t practiced it religiously for well over a year and months and of course my writing style has changed a lot sense then. I was less blunt and carefree with my humor and comfortable writing darker elements. Some of the book is a bit of old writing converged with my newer voice.

It’s a work around for me and challenge but I want to use the time I have writing this book in a timely fashion as practice for other book projects. November’s kiss is still on list.

I have love and hates for Amazon vella right now.

The love is working with in their format and writing at a faster pace as I count my words. Each episode is a minimum of 600 words. It’s not really a lot but if you have job and busy schedule it’s work.

I like the feeling though. Writing on the platform feels like work. If feels like I have deadline and a current amount of words and content to get out a day to complete story in time and get paid.

Alright the bad. I’m not sure even now how much the pay comes out to but I know I’m getting screwed. The interface Lord Jesus help me. Is less then desirable and needs updating in current year level. The free app is not indicative of a proper app that is professional. I wish Amazon would come out with a paid version that way they will have to put some effort into the design and update it to current year levels of tech.

Amazon does nothing to promote the stories of the authors. They leave that to the authors and collect the money and attention. I’ll be advertising my stuff as best as I can. I’m thinking about doing videos for bitchut and using my podcast in that fashion. Hmm. I might can do videos reviewing stories on Amazon vella. I have to think this stuff out.

Still. It works I endure the ads but I’m happy to have it. I write a lot and I’ve finished up to 13 episodes in total and I still have more ideas of where to take it and more notes to add on.

In summary, for the moment I may not make much from the site but the story is good and worth the effort I’m putting into it and I am challenging myself in producing my art on time and less mistakes. I don’t know how it will be but I’m still interested.

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I’m on episode 6 of Blue Jumper and doing episode 7 later today maybe…on Amazon vella.

Hmm. The series is going pretty fast. Episode 5 is my favorite because I had to write it up on the fly and it gives me the call back to my Dad.

Six was very much a returning theme of the book now on dreams. It’s interesting.

I will pick up The Mark of Bob again but I’m kind of hooked on Blue Jumper simple because it is very much experimental and fun to write. I can see it getting done by the end this month if not sooner.

Launch date is February 2nd tomorrow on Amazon vella. I chose to write under my full name sense I couldn’t just have the one name…

Guardiandogg Bard of the interwebs.

This is going to be a interesting year.

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