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Fuck the public school system. Fuck all that bullshit about being a professor at some higher learning government funded institution. If you want to get serious money and you know a skill or trade take that shit to the internet and own your shit my dude. This is the Twenty-first century my dude. Being a poor public school teacher is bullshit. It ain’t necessary and it ain’t righteous or good it’s banana balls horse shit.

How do you start? First comes the Marketing vehicles. Otherwise known as social media/word of mouth.

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Tik Tok

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Right now in the year of our Beta Bitch Biden as we speak the government is trying to take the biggest bag away from we the fucking people of the un-united people as a means for teachers and dumbasses to market their skills of teaching Spanish to the Gringos and get paid on the back end with private course and selling merchandise on the back end. Why? Because the fuckers are greedy mother fuckers that want American’s to go to government backed social media shit instead. Will they succeed? I don’t know. I hope not but right now you need to get on the app and take advantage of the timing.


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You know what time it is my dude. Instagram ain’t nothing but a means of people’s attention toward you and then directing those people to your website and off shoot teaching sites to run up the bag. The secret to all social media is. BE INTERESTING, ENTERTAINING and you have em show you fucking tits off with low cut wet T-shirt.

How do you charge customers/students?


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The website is simple a tool to use as hosting your own school. You are the business. You are the school.


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You can launch your teaching from this one site and branch right into your website later. It’s a marketing machine. The key is this. Be entertaining and then point your students to your paid instruction shit online and off-line.

Workshops/meet ups/conferences/main events

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Once you’ve gotten your students knowing who you are and charging them for your instruction take it off-line. Give people a real world experience, create a fucking environment for growth and atmosphere that your here to get people learning and advancing it what you teach.


repeat, repeat, repeat and get paid my dude.

Why do it?

To own your shit entirely and not have to be poor fifty years from now on government assistance that ain’t going exist after Beta Biden rises from his crept to takes into goble nuclear dumbass war.

Warm Regards