Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 7 Joe

Momma’s gift was heating up against my chest Under my shirt as I approached the witch. I watched her body and I worked hard keeping my gaze on her chest and curvy body. She was starting to back up.

Oh no you don’t bitch. You ain’t going nowhere but a early grave.

“Come on shorty. Why you acting all skittish around me. You came here to discuss some business. Talk with me a bit. You got a card right. Show it to me. Let me see who your working for.” I said. I brought my gaze up to her face but avoided her direct gaze.

“I-I came here on good faith Mr. Holmes. I am an attorney for the Law offices of the Lords of Delta. I did nothing to your brother there is a perfectly reasonable reason for his reaction to me as well as yours. I understand he is under stress because of his mother’s passing. I apologize for not coming in a more formal prepared way.”

Lords of Delta. That’s a start. Tell me more bitch.

I nodded as I got closer. “Yeah. He’s still a lot shook up. It’s all a miss understanding babe girl. You have excuse my brothers. They’re all still a bit to heated right now. I believe you. Come on and tell me what your bosses are offering for our lands forget about my brothers reaction. I’m all ears for you shorty. Talk to me.” I said adding a little playfulness to my tone.

“I do not wish to die. Please allow me to leave. I will not trouble you or your family by my presence again.” She said in a voice that shook with held back fear. I realized something was keeping her in place. Good. I was close.

“I didn’t say anything about killing you. You really are reaching baby girl. Come on and tell me more about your bosses.” I said smoothly. I was close to grabbing her nice neck.

“The both of our blood relatives are in a magical blood fued with each other.. I apologize for appearing as I have but The Lords of Delta were called in for a consultantation by your elder.. I work for them. They wish to assist you in your quest for vengeance in a lawful way. If you not allow me to leave then I have no choice.” She said and then took off her shoes and got to her knees.

The strange vibe of magic in the air was cut off suddenly. My mother’s gift went cold against my chest but I didn’t trust it. “What did you just do?” I asked knowing she had done something to instantly change the dynamics in the situation.

“I submit to you Lord of the house of four swords. I beg your mercy and ask you spare my life. I hold no elegance to those that did harm to the lady of your house. I give my body in to your service.” She said in a shaky voice.

My hands itched to strangle this bitch of my enemies but I looked at Ace first. Ace was rubbing his chin. Diamond looked pissed but he shook his head reading my thoughts. Damn it.

Ace walked over and bent down. “You mentioned an Elder of mean told you to come here. Who is this elder?”

“Zadok. My Lord.” She said in a whisper.

“Damn it.” Ace said and got up and sent a glare at Zadok who stood on the porch of the house waiting.

At least now we knew why the elder was late showing up. We just needed to know now who were these Lords of Delta and what kind of help could they give us?

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Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 5 Diamond

I opened the envelope. There was a letter and the same sword/cross symbol inside attached to a string. I opened the letter.

Diamond, I love you. Don’t read this aloud. My words are for you.. I know you’ll do what have to protect them family your father and gave you. Keep focused and I’m proud of the man you’ve become and your independent business mind. We had some rough moments and disagreements but you never disappointed me. You are my son. You don’t know how proud I am your strength of will has encouraged me that….I didn’t fail in –

I folded the letter and put it away. The room was quiet as I put the necklace on. I looked up to my brothers. “Momma told me not to read it outloud. The letter is personal.”

Ace nodded and put on his own necklace. He turned to the others. Joe opened his staring at the letter a few seconds before putting it away and putting on his necklace.

Heart was hesitant. Ace walked over and opened it for him carefully getting out his necklace and handing it to him and the letter. “You can read yours when your ready.” Ace said.

Heart seemed to relax and put his necklace on. Ace picked up his letter to find it already open but no necklace inside. He opened the letter.

“Ace. If you reading this letter then Zackary fullfilled his duty before they got to him. I tried to live a simple life after your father your namesake died. I just wanted to keep the tribe together in the neighbor because that was what your father wanted. Family is everything. The shadows that took him from us have never stopped hastling me about the land or buying the legazy of your ancestors. They hated and were jealous of your father and the power he held. It is a power you will now have to take hold of and wield with wisdom and courage.. You know what to do.. Zadok will tell you the legend but my message to you and your brothers will be revealed to you when you hold this letter to the light.”

Ace lifted the letter to the ceiling light.

We crowded in close.

You are strong and courageous. You will prevail and conquer your domain.

I smiled. “Damn straight Momma. For sure.”

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Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 3 Joe

Ace laid down Heart down on the couch. While his lady was making us all coffee. Ace stood up and looked at me. “What happened when you got down at the shop?”

“I got a call from Zadok. He told me what happened. I got down to the shop and it was already closed off. I didn’t see the inside. The neighborhood elders was protecting Heart. I didn’t know that at the time though.

Heart looked at me and seemed to click into action. He told me we had a lot to do. Heart went into action with the business shit. He left me to deal with the funeral stuff. We got an appointment with the lawyer at 9:30 today.

Ace stared at me and then looked at Diamond. “What’s the atmosphere like in the neighborhood? Anybody know who did it?”

Diamond shook his head. “Nobody knows shit but everybody has been looking to see who would slip up and give us a direction to hunt. Zadok came by a few hours ago. He told me we can come over to his shop when we’re altogether. He got a gift to give us.”

Ace nodded. “I got you. You two go on up and get some sleep a bit. I’ll watch Heart. I got to think.”

“What about me?”

Ace frowned at me. “I ain’t following you, bro.” He said.

“Don’t you got anymore questions for me?”

“No. Why?” Ace said and seemed honestly confused by question.

“I’ve been thinking. I-I’ve had some trouble with some dudes around the neighborhood and-“

“Stop. You thinking to much Bro. Everyone in this neighborhood loves Momma. You ain’t got the kind of beef with anybody around here for anybody to send fucking warlocks to assassin a sweet old lady. Besides the fact. It don’t matter why they did it. They going to pay once we find out who did it.. That’s all that matters.”

I stared at him. “It don’t matter?! There has to be a reason for all this.. Of course it matters. If I would have been there to pick up Momma-“

“You would dead along side her.” Diamond said bluntly. “Ace is right. It don’t matter why. It’s all bullshit. Whoever did it got to pay. They killed our Momma and they mind fucked our brother. I don’t give a fuck what reason they had to do it. I just need to know who did it.”

Ace held up a hand and took hold of my shoulders. “It ain’t your fault. I’ll say it every day to you if I have to for the rest of my life but it ain’t your fault. I need you to go upstairs and sleep. I need you strong and ready to hunt and Heart needs you to keep together. He needs us right now. He’s hurting like all of us but he can’t unsee what he saw. He needs to see something just as strong to replace the image he saw.”

“What?!” I asked.

Ace’s face turned hard. “Justice.”

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Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 1 Diamond

I got into Hylands late in the afternoon after catching an early flight on over from Vagas. I still couldn’t believe it. Damn it. Momma was gone but I knew there was more to the story Heart hadn’t told me because he knew what my reactions would be. I knew then that Heart needed help bad.

I was still surprised though when Heart and Joe met me at the airport. Heart’s eyes were blood red and he was dressed in a blue suit he looked like he had on for days now. Joe. Joe had lost eyes and was quiet as I walked up. I took him in a hug. He snapped out of it and tried to push me away but I held onto him.

“I missed you bro. You should have come out to Vagas for some sun and fun.” I said.

Joe hugged me back. “I’m sorry. I-I got distracted and Momma needed me to work the shop at night. I should have worked it the the night-“

“It wasn’t your fault.” Heart said quickly. He looked at me. I knew what happened and I was raging hell until I found out who did it. “I’ll tell you everything when Ace gets here. He’ll be here tonight or early tomorrow at the latest but not here.”

I nodded. There was time. I picked up my over night bag and hugged Joe’s shoulder leading him around. “Let’s go home. I’ll cook you two something up ya’aw looking to skinny and hungry. Momma would have my ass if I didn’t care of my little brothers.”

Heart smiled in thanks. He looked like shit and was fighting to keep it together. I wonder if he was fighting someone else in this mix. “So. Where’s your girl?”

‘Fucking bitch.” Joe snarled out.

I looked at Heart. “She run out on you?’

Heart opened his mouth and then then closed it. He grimanced. “Daisy said, what happened shook her up so she’s visiting her parents in Florida for a few weeks.”

“So she left you.” I said.

“Yeah. It’s over.” Heart said and then shrugged. “It is what it is. I can’t be concerned with her right now. We got to much shit to deal with. We got a meeting with the lawyer tomorrow. I’m going to make sure everything slight down the middle and we’ll decide what to do about everything else.” He said looking around and appeared on edge.

Damn it. What fuck was I thinking? Whoever took out Momma was out there. We had to get by ourselves and wait for Ace until we could move. But, I needed to get my hands on some swords and guns.

“Alright. Let’s get some quiet and go over some shit.” I said leading the way outside.

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The four swords of Katie Holmes Prologue Ace

Legend of Zelda four swords, four brothers, The sons of Katie Elder….mix.

I woke up to the sound of my phone going off on the otherside of the hotel bed I was sleeping in. Someone moved in the bed. I heard them pick it up and move around my waist to hand it to me.

I looked at the tiny ruby ring on the hand and inhaled her scent. Stacy. Damn. Why did I give her Momma’s ring. I had been real drunk last night.

I took the phone and looked at the caller ID Heart. Damn it’s been more then a minute sense I heard from him. I answered it and put the phone to my ear.

“Yo. What’s happening Bro? How you doing Fam?”

Silence greeted my answer. Ah. Shit. “What happened?”

“Momma’s dead. I need you to come down to Hylands. There’s a lot to do. Joe is taking it bad and I still got to call Diamond. I don’t even know if-“

“I’ll be there in a couple of hours. I have to drive but I’ll be there by tonight or early tomorrow morning. Anything you need handling I got you.”

Heart sighed. “Thanks Bro. I really need you as quick as possible.”

I heard it in his voice. “How Momma die?”

Stacy froze in the bed and then got up probably to leave. I would have to get the ring from her before I left. Heart was quiet on the line.

“They….they blasted her all over her fucking shop. There wasn’t much left just blood and bones and the mage medic unit confirmed it was her by DNA tracing. They blocked the whole shop off until they’ve cleared it of curses. The whole neighborhood is shocked but that won’t last long. The local guards say their looking into it but it’s BS. Joe is still in shock but that will ease quick enough and you know how Diamond will react when he hears about it. I have to talk to the lawyer about the house and all the other business shit.”

Holy shit. Katie Holmes. My Katie Holmes. Some fucker did that shit to her. I had to get moving fast. I got up out of bed naked looking for my clothes. Stacy was moving about getting dressed and through me my pants while she dressed.

“Alright. Listen. Just hold tight. Ah. Tell Diamond. Shit. Tell him the general facts. Don’t present it like you told me. Just tell him to get his ass down to Hylands. When we’re all together then you can lay it out when you’ve had some time to process it. Don’t push yourself or let nobody push you.. Keep Joe close and handle as much as you can until I get down.”

“Okay. Okay. We’ll be at the house the key will be in the usual place if we’re asleep when you get here.”

“Alright, bro. Don’t worry I’m coming. Love you. Bye.” I said and hung up on him. Holy shit I had to move fast. I started putting on my dress shirt and pulling on my pants as I looked for Stacy. “Stacy. Baby. I’m going to need the ring back.”

Stacy came in the room dressed in her suit. “No. I’m coming with you. I can be some help in helping the family handle the legal issues and read out the will and such.”

I frowned at her. “My Momma had a family lawyer for that. Guy Zackary. Straight up from what my Momma told me.”

Stacy frowned at me. “Have you ever met the man? Do you trust him?”


Stacy nodded. “I’m coming with you.”

Warm regards


The life and times of a professional baby Momma

BM dreams were simple. She was a simple minded person. She just wanted a baby and some money.

BM went to school. She got her professional credits and accolades. She dreams of being a divorce attorney. She had a plan. His name was Joe and she was going to get her baby and throw Joe to the side once the deed was done.

Twenty-five years later, her baby girl is grown. BM had a new dream at age 40-ty. She wanted a husband. Her boss suggested it as a means of getting more clients. A high value man who makes more money then her of course.

So she went on the hunt. Banged all she could and still no buyer for the prize.

She asked her single mother for advice. Her mother stared at her in surprise. She asked. “Who told you that you needed a husband? I never had one and neither did my mother. That isn’t how you were raised.”

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Let’s take the notion there is a NWO of countries seriously…

Alright. Quick recap….

“It is a critical time because we fight for this New World, we fight for this New World Order. We are protecting not only Ukraine but all the other countries.”Kira Rudik, Member of Parliament, Ukraine

Why is Ukraine so important to the New World Order? Let’s put aside the one opinion that the NWO is fighting for democracy in Ukraine.

You can go to hellmouth news and get the same programmed thought there.

I’m looking at this as a realist. There are two forces at play. The New World Order and the nations outside the control of the NWO.

Why are the NWO governments willing to possibly start WW3 to save Ukraine indirectly?

I keep saying save indirectly because the NWO is dancing around it but for years never formally made Ukraine apart of the NWO formally because that would have been a threat against Russia having an enemy that close to her borders and started WW3.

This situation was always going to happen because position wise and political wise Ukraine is a fucking bitch storm waiting to happen and nobody did dick all to stop it.

Why though

Possible answers

1. NWO needs Ukraine government to remain intact. It must not be overthrown or that would be a threat against the control and power of the NWO over the Ukrainian government and a symbol that the NWO was coming to an end.

2. NWO countries have a deep love and respect and need to see the government of Ukraine not fall. So their willing to risk goble dumbass nukular war. Ukraine matters to the hearts and minds of the world.

3. Anything on hellmouth news.

4. We are in a simulation.

Okay…where’s the bullshit?

There is one certainty don’t allow yourself to be fooled by hellmouth news or the word on the street….

Joe Biden is fucked.

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Today in weird shit…..Ukraine is apart of NWO…

The writer is serious…..

“It is a critical time because we fight for this New World, we fight for this New World Order. We are protecting not only Ukraine but all the other countries.”Kira Rudik, Member of Parliament, Ukraine

Now. I am not joking. This isn’t a fake quote. This is a what the fuck moment.

Photo by Patrick Case on

I grew up during the 1990s and watched a lot of wrestling on TV. NWO was one of the fake bullshit wrestling heel groups. I stopped watching years ago but I remember this shit.

It was always the baby face (good guys) that had a moment in time when they finally revealed themselves as heels to their core out to take over the fucking wrestling world one match at a time. It was a NWO moment.

Why in the fuck did this female say this shit NOW of all times? Why was it necessary for the writer to say other countries need to fight for the New World Order?

What in the fuck is this new world order?

This shit is feeling like I’m watching a fucking fake ass wrestling show.

The shit is real enough but I keep feeling like someone is writing a script for me to think who the bad guys are until the heel turn comes.

I’m trying to take this seriously but this shit is looking suspect going into weird as fuck.

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Experimenting on Wettpad…I don’t know but I really am beginning to hate Amazon book publishing

My experiment.

I’ve had a wettpad for a couple years and I decided to try it out and put a story on the fly.

I’m pretty sure now after a few minutes of trying it. I still need to work it a bit more and analyze a week of productive work for days but I think. I might stop fucking with Amazon vella entirely.

Amazon….holy shit. I can’t even pretend now that Amazon gives a damn about Vella. Wettpad is going to curb stomp them. I’ll finish what I got with Blue Jumper and then fuck Amazon.

It’s not even money. Amazon just doesn’t give a piss about the system or doing the shit half way right. I can’t stand it.. I don’t see a point of Vella now. It’s shit. Not the writers or readers. The fucking system is shit. I’m pulling out.

Warm regards


Strange dreams 11.0 (orgins)


I passed the boy to Air and she carried him away. I stood waving the smoke away. The black flame Elemental dragon snarled at me when she saw me.

Photo by Dids on

“Hey. Are you up for talking some.” I asked.

She shot black flames from her mouth in answer to me. I dodged jumping up and aimming to kick her fucking head off.

Photo by cottonbro on

“Damn. You a quick one.” I said coming down to my feet to face her.

“You. Little demi-god trash. I can’t believe you found him again.” She said spitting at the ground at my feet as we turned to face each other.

I laughed. Letting my mask fall away. I became what I was again as I felt the thrill of battle. “Little sister. This shit is getting tiresome. Let the boy go. There is no need for this bullshit. If your looking for something spicy. I am the man for that.”

Photo by Eric Christian Capilador on

“The boy is mean. I birthed him. I keep him. All her filthy abominations will burn in my flames. Stand aside. Your nothing but a demi-god pretender. Your power is not even equal to the goddess of lightning and might. Damn you for your corrupting ways. I will destory you and free the elders from your influence.”

“Yeah. Yeah. I get it. This isn’t about the boy. It’s about me. You want a fight little sister. Game on.”

She turned and their were two. One white, one black. Both with black flame swords

I smiled. “I like. A challenge. Let’s go. Whose first.”

I heard a motorcycle riding up behind me as the mini realm Bill pictured changed and we were in a desert realm. I sensed Lightning Baby’s arrival was imminent. It would take her a time traveling between realms though….until then.

Photo by Aleksandr Burzinskij on

“Let’s go ladies. Don’t leave me waiting.”

They charged at me as I met them with my sword and iron fist…

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Where the fuck are the movies that pay tribute to masculine energy?

Fuck John Wick.

The first movie was good for what it was but damn sure wasn’t as over the top a theme of masculine energy movie as it could have been.

Then again the edge (1997) was a fucking masterpiece. Nothing short of The Big Country (1958) can match it.


These were serious movies. That didn’t play around or attempt to deny what being a fucking man was about. BIG dick energy.


Before the red pill philosophy came into being there was a notion of what a man is at his core. There still exists that notion. A man moves in a certain way. He can be loud and aggressively dominant in expressing his convictions or he can simply speak with a few words and be a man of action.

Both types are comfortable fighting for what matters to them. They embrace conflict on their terms.

The Big Country has a scene in it near the end when James (the main character) rides up into enemy territory to rescue a woman that is held hostage. She tries come out and tries to pretend she wants to be there because she doesn’t want James to get hurt or killed. She loves and respect James as a man.

James isn’t having it. He tells her he ain’t leaving without her. James is asked why does he care so much about the female . He was risking his life to rescue her putting his life on the line.

James doesn’t say anything. He just looks at the woman until she sees this man has laid claimed her. She is a woman has chosen to protect as his woman. Her reaction. Oh my God, he has chosen me.

She didn’t say flowery bullshit. He didn’t flowery bullshit. It was a fucking look. A look and vibe.

James goes to the gauntlet willing to battle the bitch that kidnapped his woman to the fucking death. James isn’t a white knight. James isn’t a beta bitch. It is the duty of a man to accept the consequences of your choices and embrace the conflict of life and the reality that fear and cowardice have no place in how a man moves. Men move with purpose and intentional in what they want to do.

In other words….


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