The trials of Chase Morgan Chapter 11


I saw Eddie chilling on the side sitting down on a load stand talking to a shorty new hire. It was the second time today.

“Eddie. Come on man, haul ass. We got twent minutes until the end of the shift. You got a pack of Marlboros on me my guy if you can finish that trailer up on time.”

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Eddie got his ass up quick at the mention of Marlboros and ducked in to a trailer and started hauling ass knocking down packages on the extendo.

I walked down the row of trailer doors. Seeing people working hard to get it done. I checked my watch.

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5:38 p.m.

Shit the time was creeping up I still had to check outside to see if some new trailers came in while I was inside. I hurried back down the alley as Kate came up to me looking stressed. I started walking away to exit out to the yard she followed me.

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“Papi. We don’t have anymore Ncs coming in right. My section is blown up to much from the last half hour. My people need a break.”

“No. Audi wants us to just run overhead. I got to go check the yard.”

“What’s your deal, Papi? I was just playing around?”

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I gave her a look. Kate turned and ran away. It was the smartest thing she’s done in two days sense she started her bullshit game between me and Chad. I knew she was on some bullshit.

I walked to the back exit and looked outside to see four new trailers on the fucking pad. I hurried outside to them and opened one up. It was full. Shit.

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“I know. That was my expression.”

I turned to watch my two favorite yard dogs Guy and Tee come over with their reflective safety vests on.

“We already checked them my guy. Two sams club. One Mitch hardwares. One Walmart.” Guy said.

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“Where you want em?” Tee asked.

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“I’ll tell you in a bit. You guys are doing great today. I got you for lunch tomorrow. What you want?”

“Red Lobster.” Tee said.

“Red Lobster.” Guy said

I frowned at him. “Really?! Alright.”

They grinned at me.

“We’re just fucking with you.” Guy said.

“McDonald’s my guy.” Tee said.

I flipped them off as I walked toward the door inside. “I got you.”

I headed inside to see two doors were empty. I pushed my radio.

“Yard dogs, come back.”

“Roof. Roof. Yeah go.” Guy said.

I smiled. “I need two trailers pulled on 12 and 13. Then put a Walmart up on 12 and put the Sam’s on 13..” I paused to checked my time.

5:50 p.m.

Damn. I was short on time. I wasn’t going to finish them up on time. But they had to go up. “You copy.”

“Got you, my guy.” Guy said.

“Chase, comeback.” Audi said to me on the radio.

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Shit. “Yeah go.””

“Your sixty-eight in total and raising. What’s the down time?”

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68,000 packages in total and rising holy shit. I ran over to my computer and damn…it was 70,000 now.

“Chase. Come back ” Audi said.

“How’s load section?” I asked.

“Blown up all way down. They’re full up and we’re low on belly trailers. What’s the down time?” Audi said.

“Alright. Shut it down.” I said.

“Shutting it down. Congrats on breaking 60 but you’ll still need work on keeping up the speed of your crew the first two hours was slow.”

“Got you. I’m coming to control. Show me the numbers then on rate of unload.”

“Copy that.” Audi said.

Hot damn. I turned to walk to the control room. Managers from around the building came up and high-fived me. I saw Eddie catch my eye holding out his arms.

I held up a pack I had gotten it just in case for him and threw it to him. He caught it and held up his fist at me I did the same. What a day.

Warm regards


Figuring it out as I go along…

This month I’m in the red and I’ve been the most productive I’ve ever been in my writing pursuits and hoping to push forward several projects all at once and I know…I’ll get it done.

This month was several failures and odd moments of success. What did I learn?

I learned that I can get a lot of projects going and finished if I plan a head for having less time and energy. Getting up early helps for me but going to bed early is good to. I wasn’t producing enough writing and content until this month.

I need to write and produce more content from now on if I want reach my overall goal for the next ten years.

Next month….

I’m testing out the kindle vella program. It’s interesting. In a way it will be like what I’m doing on the blog but more limiting and a learning curve. I like the challenge.

I’ll be rolling out two projects next month to see how they fare on the platform. One experimental, the other vanilla fiction. Though this may change depending on what the people like.

I’m figuring it out as I go. I don’t have a manual to success. I just know yesterday’s successes won’t work today..

So I have to try challenge myself. I can’t get comfortable. I have a growing urge to build something of value to others. I’m not there yet but I’m still interested so I’ll keep going and adjust to changes.

Again. Thank you for coming with me this far. If you haven’t had a good laugh or smile from the blog. Wait a bit. I’ll get you sooner or later with a banger.

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Warm regards


The Fire Vixen’s own against the Ice and storm Rider Chapter 7 A CORPOS COMEBACK STORY


Who were these fuckers?

I glared at the cruiser burning it with my rage. I didn’t have time for this I had to catch up with the bandits. Little Wolf was counting on us.

I focused and blasted the cruiser up and away a few miles. I blinked closed my visor. My thoughts went cool. I reached for my sword as I raced on a head toward the bandits. Lightning baby handed me back my sword as I felt the fire ignite my electrified blade.


I heard a giggling female voice close to my right ear. “Take out the tires but keep your guard up as you draw near the truck for danger.” Fire Vixen’s voice spoke to me.

I knew it. There was something more to this shit. My instincts didn’t fail me yet. I drove near the truck as a man in Ice armor opened the door.

I fired fire and lightning into the cab killing the two bandits inside. I jumped off my bike hurried inside shoving the bodies out and stopping the Ice Truck.

I got outside as Swan and Tomahawk came up to me and we fist bumped. I bent down and searched the bodies.

“What are you looking for?” Tomahawk asked.

I was silent until I found the detapad and a strange device. It looked like a remote. It glowed vibrating the same energy as the rip in realms a head of us. I pointed it at the rip. I hit a few random buttons until the rip closed.

“How?” Swan asked.

“It was a guess. One thing is for sure.” I said holding the detapad I threw it to Swan.

He caught it. He frowned. “This isn’t alien.”

I nodded. “They were working with someone here to make sure we didn’t get the shipment of Cp-98 in time.”

Tomahawk shook his head. “What’s your gain in this?”

I normally wouldn’t reveal my mind so freely but I felt my fire element cool relaxed around these people. “My instincts tell me I have to help little wolf and back up his father. That’s why I’m here. I always follow my instincts.”

Both men nodded. I walked over to my bike as Jason pulled up and got out. I see it in his eyes he knows who I am. I nodded.

“We got to go. Little Wolf is depending on us to get this done.” I said. Again strangely it was all that needed to be said.

Wolf nodded to me. “Your right. Let’s finish this job.”

Warm regards


The Builders, the Makers the Professionals and the Shit talkers on BIG DICK Energy.

I grew up raised by black power princesses and in a society that preaches equality and respect among the sex-es. You are respected for what you do and what value you produce for society by your own effort.

This in part is bullshit. Why do I say that?

A female isn’t expected to build, protect or make a name for herself as she’s walking down the damn street in a tight T-shirt with her tits hanging out and her ass crack showing in her tiny shorts. She’s an advertisement for something in that moment or a shit load of trouble.

A man walking down the street in jeans, a white collar, expensive watch and shoes on and talking on an IPhone is seen as a man of means. A man in a position of strength and dominance. A man on his purpose. The minute the female advertising something sees him she can only present herself as an offering to him. The man then has to decide if he has the time to take this chicka with him or leave her as on the street for a higher quality female down the street not advertising something obvious.

Now. Some people will have a problem with the picture I’m painting and say some shit about it or me. Some of those people might be women or low tier beta bitches.

But who the fuck cares what shit talkers say?

Men build the world that women and children live in. Men are expected to be in the dominance game. To climb to the top. To grind their way to the top because men have to be something or they’ll be the joke women, children and beta bitches and dominant bad ass men make fun of.

Warm regards


Guns, Swords, trucks and cruisers. Chapter 3 A CORPOS COMEBACK STORY


We were six hours out of the city and three more to go until we reached the CP-98 shipment and food supplies when I saw trouble coming up behind us in my back camera video screen. I got on my radio. “Swan. We got fuckers coming up on our back door. You and Owen push em off the road before they start-“

A shot was fired close to my side mirror.

“Fucking hell.” Cyrus yelled out.

“Son of a bitch. Swan, move your ass!” I spoke in to the radio.

I saw Swan in his black battle crusier up ahead do a u-turn and head back down the road in the direction of our enemies. Owen flew fast down the road to join him.

“Fucking hell. We’re not even close to the farm and that bitch is already on our asses.” Cyrus cursed in frustration.

I shook my head. “It may not be her. A lot of fuckers out in the out lands are always looking to start shit and to cause mayham. This is only the beginning. We’ll get this shit done. We ain’t got no choice but to push on.”

Cyrus sighed. “Your right. I just feel like a damn fool for telling that bitch about the contract. Swan told me she would fuck me over I just didn’t think she would bring my son in between our bullshit.”

I nodded my head knowing how he felt as a father and a man. “One thing at a time. We finish the job then you got to figure out what to do about your situation with your boy and his mother.”

“Do!? I’m taking my son back. She got him involved in her fucking schemes and gods knows what else. He’s not going to be caught up in her bullshit criminal schemes. He’s got a clean record and smooth track to becoming a corpo one day. I just need to form a corporation for him to take hold of but my Jon isn’t cut out for that shit. He’s got a good heart and I plan for it to stay that way.”

“Looks like you got a strong start with forming a corporation with this job when we get it done.” I said.

Cyrus blinked and then nodded his head slowly. “I didn’t think of that. I was to busy and worried getting this job set up fast to make sure he got the CP-98 supply but your right.. Yeah. I could set it up for him fast after the credits I get from this job and my fight. I can gain my corpo status back and get my patrach status to claim him. It will be enough to set him up right with a start. Thank you.”

I listened to his words marking how he wanted the corpo status for his son’s future. It was two points in his favor.

We heard an explosion and more gun fire behind us.

“I got it Bro.” Swan said over the radio.

I didn’t have a doubt otherwise.

Warm regards


P. S.

We ain’t done yet son


Swan raced on a head with Tomahawk firing off shots from the side window with his P-22 at a silver blue battle crusier racing at him in a game of chicken. While another cruiser came at them at ramming speed on the side.

Fuck that.

I raced toward the ramming cruiser while Swan went on a head. Return fire was coming at me from the side passenger but I was able to dodge most of rounds while my body armor blocked the rest. I waited until I was close enough took out my sword and sliced into the crusier’s side like butter taking out the tires and marking up the side bringing the vehicle to a stop. I smelled gas and took off as the crusier exploded behind me.

I looked to see more trouble coming at the wolf down the road. I had to move and left Swan to handle the silver blue crusier. I couldn’t let the little wolf down. We had to get this shit done.

Warmest regards


Quidditch in real life!! Holy shit balls! Not comedy This shit is real!

The link

I saw some random fucking video in passing on YouTube about the league Quidditch wanting to change the name of the game because of some political bullshit involving J.K. Rowling not submitting to the simulation law 1984.


The funny part for me is discovering a fucking nerd vest of dumbasses with broomsticks on a field of grass pretending to be in the fucking wonderful land of Harry Potter.

Holy shit! I had to find out if this bullshit was real.

Mind you. I read all the books. Saw all the movies. I fucking drank a bottle of Butter beer on my brother Red on my birthday once.

But. Quidditch in real life?! Fucking hell.

But holy shit. Fuck. Holy mother fucking shit. This shit has been going on for years. The funniest shit I’ve seen all year

Warm regards


Orgins have a discussion about the Rite of passsge Part 5

Ice sat on his throne with a mildly amused smile on his face at Cyberpunk’s interest in a timeline going on in his realm. Someone else had a interest in the events as well. Fire Dragon had appeared at Cyberpunk’s side as he ate a hot dog at his favorite stand on 6th Crossings in Newark City.

Cyberpunk stared at their sister in bewilderment. “What are you angry about? Nice outfit.” He said. Noting her black leather pants high heel boots red jacket and scarlet bra. Fire’s hair was a rich flaming red and in a high ponytail down her back.

Fire glared at him but her expression softened when someone whistled at the sight of her. Fire relaxed and leaned over to hug his neck.

“Cy. The dragons belong to me. Why are you making one of my subjects submissive to your archetypes? I don’t like it.”

Cy turned his attention to her. Ice froze and leaned forward to watch in surprise. This was a first.

Cy stared at her. “Christopher is a Nomad. He isn’t mean. He belongs to the mother of the Nomads. Lightning Baby.”

Fire frowned at him. “You made the Nomads. They carry your…” She paused as Lightning Baby appeared and promptly removed Fire’s arms from around Cy’s neck.

Fire was amused as were their other siblings. Lighting Baby looked pissed but tried to look cool about it.

Ice rubbed his hands. He put a finger to his lips to the others to be quiet so it could play out. He had a plan to use this as a means of drawing Cyberpunk’s full attention from the little realm.

Lightning Baby stared at Fire. “Why are you so concerned about the little Nomad? He’s on his rite. Besides the fact, let the mortals to their devices.”

Fire leaned against Cy to annoy Lightning Baby more. It worked though she knew what Fire was doing.

Lightning Baby turned her attention to Cy who was staring at her sexually. She calmly walked by them and bumped Fire away to wrap an arm around his waist.

“I thought you named me Lightning Blaze? What happened to that?”

Cy shrugged and waved a hand at the people around them and mainly toward Ruby and Christopher who passed them on the street.

“They think of you as Lightning Baby. Christopher and his bunch think the world of you. What’s going to happen next?” He asked.

Ice froze blinking and wondered what the fuck was going on and why hadn’t he thought of doing something like this ages ago?

Lightning Baby smiled at him. “Sit back and watch. I want to play a game with Fire. If I win. You have to add a little of your personality to my world.”

“Hey. What do I get?” Fire spoke up.

Ice cleared his throat. “I have a suggestion?”

Cy glared at Ice. “You stay out of this big brother.” He said and turned to Fire. “What you want Big Sis?”

Fire glowed with happiness at his attention. “If I win. You have to make two twin cities for me on two worlds of mean and go on a bike ride with me?”

Cy’s lips shook with laughter. “Okay. Now your getting interesting. Game on.”

Lightning Baby drew Cy away as she led him to their apartment bedroom and gave Fire the finger. “Your going to lose big sister. Christopher is going to smash your girl and have her making him a sandwich in his trailer by the end of this.”

Fire giggled at all the attention coming her way and presented her own finger toward Lighting Baby. All Ice could do was stare in wonder.

Warm Regard


Brainstorming. Cyberpunk, Judge Dredd Cobra (1980s), Overboard (1980s) and Executive part 2

Chapter 1

Six years later,


I woke up on the side of the road naked. I looked around. I could see a pair of two separate burn marks of tire tracks on the road leading back to Newark city. I frowned and flinched because my face hurt.

I put a hand to my face. It was bruised. I looked down at my body. My legs, stomach and breasts were all marked with red wounds from a whip. I lifted a hand to head. My hair was cut to buzz cut short.

Someone had tried to kill me. I looked at my hands. I had a diamond ring on my left hand and on my right hand…a tattoo on my wedding finger. A name with a heart between the first and last.

Bran ❤ Rafe.


The memories hit me of the night he had saved me. It all came back. I realized I was in deep shit. I blinked the memories away as I heard several trucks coming up behind me from the Outlands. I turned covering my breasts as a school of nomand travelers drove up the lead truck pulled up beside me and the two other trucks and van stopped behind.

A beautiful lady with black hair studied me from the passenger side window. The other man looked straight ahead not looking at me out of respect.

“You need help girl?”

I nodded. “Yes Ma’am. Someone tried to kill me. I need to get to the city to file a report and find someone. I request protection rights.” I said and worked off my ring and held it out to her.

The lady stared at me. “You don’t need to pay me honey with your engagement ring. We can take you to the city.”

I shook my head. “The man that should have protected me left me to die. I request protection Ma’am while I search for a man to protect me. I am a lone travelor on the roads.”

The lady frowned but took my ring and took my hand. “My name is Angel Warrior. You have my protection until you find protection of a man’s care. What’s your name?”

I shook my head. “I don’t have one. All my blood family is gone.” I said.

Angel frowned but studied me. “I’ll give you one. Goldy.”

I smiled. “Thank you.”

Warm Regards,


Holy shit….at long last a female that thinks about marriage without the romantic bullshit.

This is a podcast episode is about one grown female from great culture that clearly explains how a marriage should be in…..

My opinion.

Long story short. I think she’s middle Eastern her husband was chosen for her by her father and vetted by her family. She knew the dude less then five weeks and got married successfully.

What follows next is a black female’s response..

Yep. A black female responded to it.

Warm Regards,


The legend of Zelda call back to the stories of west and the moral virtues of old.

The hero’s journey and the struggle for man against a power hungry pig and quest to save the princess.

The legend of Zelda is a series of games that vary in good, bad and weird. I have my favorites. I just like the series in general.

Zelda just offers fun and mini challenges that appeal to me as a pick up and play or just zen out on a Saturday morning.

Challenges. I just enjoy the levels of challenges that rang in degree.

The story isn’t fucked with that much overall but it has it’s levels of blend and refinement of the hero’s journey. I love how the Legends change but the archetypes and names remain the same. The moral code remains the same and layered in complex themes. Courage (the Hero) wisdom (the Princess) and power (the Pig).

Courage guided by purpose. Wisdom seen as the prize to obtain and power as seen as the thing to tame and bring into submission by the combination of courage and wisdom working together.

Gameplay is action adventure, challenges and puzzles. It’s all just one fun little ride.

Warm Regards


Okay it’s been some time let’s talk about why we should abort rapists and Jackels #PTBTS

Look I’m trying to make the case every once in a while it is perfectly okay to legally take a Jackel or Rapist to the back of a barn and…

Put that bitch to SLEEP.

Real talk. Jackels are a bain on society and a shit stain on masculine pride day. More on MP day later…

Look. I understand the need to do things legally. I’m all for the shit. Putting Jackels in prison tell the prison population about their evil crimes and addiction to fucking with the legazy of fathers and mothers.

Turn out the lights, open a prison door and pick up the body in the morning….

All seriousness. What is wrong with acknowledging we all want and desire a world where we can legally put a bitch to sleep? Can’t we all agree that given the go ahead by an elected official or The Lord himself putting the magnum in our hands we would gladly put bitches to SLEEP.

Real talk. My Black Rambo skin cousins have a quiet code about this shit or a tradition long standing. If you are caught. Holy Shit. The Black Rambo turns into Judge Dredd. “Bitch you better turn your ass in before uncle Leroy find out what you did and put your Bitch ass to SLEEP.” – Momma Rambo with a 45. Peace maker. She didn’t wait for Uncle Leroy she had a hair appointment that day.

Shit kickers I know have a more open policy about it. I’m in shit kicking texas my dude. Just the other day I saw a decal on a red SUV. It was two figures. One shit kicker standing over a kneeing Jackel with a peace maker in his hand.  There was a saying around the two figures it said….

Kill your local pedefile…now I don’t agree with notion of killing. Murder is wrong.

I support legally taking a bitch ass Jackel to the back of a barn and putting that BITCH to SLEEP.

Warm Regards