The future for writers regarding AI generated written books….

The topic is interesting and yet rather silly from my point of view. This post inspiration comes from Author level Up podcast….

It’s interesting time for writers with advent of AI generated books and the sense of some writers feeling this the end of one era and the beginning of another.

I’m left however feeling like….what the fuck is the worry here? I hear the arguments and concerns and such but again AI is just another form of competition if that.

I’ve read and heard some of the written works of AI and I’m left with a feeling of…okay. It sounds like a generated voice in a sea of the same old shit, shat out by hundreds of authors in a sea of books and bullshit.

What is a writer?

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A writer is an artist. There is no fucking way of getting away around it. Written books of pieces of art and collective voices of generations of voices moving through time. Readers don’t just buy, collect and read books for pure information or entertain entirely.

Voice, personality and ego all feed into why some books stand the test of time and others nobody can give two shots about. Beauty and flow of artistic experience and word Smith craft go into engraving into the minds of humans and color the imagination.

AI isn’t the future.. Is is the present tool of the age. Just like the word processor was the beginning age for modern writers. The computer killed the common use of the type writer. It didn’t kill the need to craft a story worth people giving a damn to read.

“Writers write.” – Throw momma from the train.

I love that movie. But, I didn’t come to understand the other half of sentence until many years and books later. Writers write because the urge to craft words into art never goes away.

AI generated books won’t be the death nail for writers because writers would have to stop writing for it to happen. By that time painters would have to give a damn about AI generated drawings.

On a side note. Now I don’t have to worry about hiring a narrator to narate my stories. AI narration is sounded pretty good. But, still you never know. I might get the Urge to narrate my own shit.

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