A review of Atticus writing and formatting application

What is it?

A writing and formatting programing mainly used to format books onto many platforms for publication from paperback to digital books you can get off of Amazon or on your iPad. You can get it on PC, Apple computers. Whatever your flavor.

Why use it?

It’s an affordable option for publishers, both big time and Indie class at price range of $147 dollars you have a wide breath of options on what computer you use it on because you main works are saved onto the cloud service and you can back up your work on your own computer.

How does it run?

I’ve tested the computer out for a few days sense I got it last week. My first impressions wasn’t good. There is a learning curve to operating it but if your patient and dig into the program there is a lot to use for a seasoned writer/publisher. I did buy this program for the option of being able to edit and write on it using my Android phone. The experience so far with using it on my phone is subpar if that. I would suggest simple using it on your computer. It’s just not at the moment optimized for Android. I don’t know about about Iphones or apple computers so I can’t give my opinion how Atticus works on those platforms so I will save my judgement on that.

The formatting option for eBooks has exceeded my expectations. It’s definitely a time and money saver for eBook production and formatting options. It’s worth it for this alone.


Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

The price $147

The formatting options.

Built in writing scheduling word count for long and short projects

Speed run timer for writing sprints.


Photo by Dany Kurniawan on Pexels.com

It isn’t properly formatted for Android. The app sucks.

There is a learning curve. Requires patience.

In closing……

Would I recommend Atticus?

Yes. Absolutely. It is well worth the bargain price and the many usefull functions it provides for completing projects at a timely rate and getting work done on time.

Warm Regards



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