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– Life support at 50% –

– Air supply at 20% –

– Personal shield DOWN –

– Enemies arrival immediate in 50 minutes –

– 1st Mission objective. Survival. –

I felt an electrical shock to my chest. I was standing in moving water. I opened my eyes to darkness and then lifted the visor on my helmet. I blinked as my blurry vision came into focus. I stared at the forest around me and then stones and glowing figures on them.

– Enemies arrival immediate in 30 minutes. –

I frowned at the voice in my helmet speaker. I looked around. “Where are they coming?” I asked the voice.

– Enemies arrival coming from your right side from the sky –

I checked my utility belt for a weapon. I reached for something that felt like a side arm strapped to my leg holster. I grabbed it up and looked at it. My vizor I.D. the thing as a universal mining tool. What the fuck? I was miner!?

– Enemies arrival incoming in 10 minutes. –

Shit. I looked around for a weapon of any kind. My gaze locked on the images in the stones as I scanned and down loaded information for locations and letters. Letters?! The letters meant something. I had to scan them all. There was information in the stones I needed to get this time. I couldn’t fail like last time.

Like last time?! What happened last time?!

Hot fire blasted across my shoulder from the sky followed by a storm of fire from the enemy.

–  RUN. DAMN IT. –

New project I got going on that is a bit of a fan project for a game called No Man’s Sky.

I’m nearly finishing up Lords Of Delta: Pete. It is extremely good and heavy with the action and awesome.

The good action and ride doesn’t end. Pete is nearing the end of his story but I’m fixing to put a spin to the end. I’m mixing a lot of classic Urban fantasy and heavy fun.

Warm Regards


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