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Chapter 10

The next morning….

Vince smiled at one of their female associates as he and his brother walked into the firm offices. “Good morning Natalie. You are looking quite pretty today.”

Natalie froze staring at him saying nothing and standing in their way until he took her by the hips and lifted her aside setting her down he continued walking but Pete stared between Vince and the shocked female while Vince continued moving like nothing had happened.

“What the fuck is up with you?” Pete said noticing the effect he was having on the females that worked in the firm.

Vince frowned at him as they pasted through the firm hallway to their offices. Female associates or clerks all appeared to busy themselves to stay out of his line of sight or not look directly toward him.

“Nothing is wrong besides the fact I need to get laid. Besides that I’m fine. Why do you ask?”

Pete did a double as Vince continued walking toward his office. Mini whose desk was in front of his door to the right got up nodded to him and walked away.

Both men frowned at her. “Hey. Where you going?” Vince asked.

“I’m keeping far away from you until Ahlar becomes Mrs. Delta. Your coffee is on your desk along with your daily schedule. You have a change in your schedule bout for your current case.”

Vince stared after her but then hurried into his office with Pete following him. He walked inside picking up a memo attached to his schedule on his desk he read the memo that read like a royal summons and started to feel his blood boil.

“Your next bout is tomorrow night. Your challenger will be the second suitor for Miss Ross in the family line of Slicer. No excessive violence after the bout will be accepted or it will count against you as a lost even if you win the second bout of champions. Sincerely Elder Deacon Ross. Son of a BITCH!” Vince roared and punching his fist down on his table and breaking it in half. He robbed his fist in annoyance.

Pete stared at his brother. “So your hand is fine?”

“What?! Ah yeah. Still a bit sore but I’ll still be able snap that fucker’s leg off.”

“Which one.” Andrew asked behind them. Both brothers turned and blinked at the sight of Andrew in a suit and Cassandra in a pink suit and short skirt.

Vince nodded to her. “Good morning, Cassandra. Good to see you again.”

Cassandra smiled brightly. “Good morning, Vince.” She said.

“Andrew who is this fine…” Pete stopped himself when Andrew gave him a look.

“Cassandra is my new personal asistent and the firm’s lead accountant.” Andrew said.

Vince blinked and looked at Andrew. “What happened to Charlie?”

Andrew shook his head but looked pissed off. “We had a parting of ways. “

Pete glanced at Cassandra. “Is it because he hit up on your female or because she wanted his job.”

“He was under billing.” Cassandra said. “I have a love of numbers and he’s been working for your competitors for six months now.”

Vince frowned. “How did you find out the last part?”

“Mr. Marsh told me.” Cassandra. “He also offered money for my private employment.”

Pete nodded in understanding. “Okay. I get you. Well fuck em. ” He said and turned to Andrew. “We got problems. The old fucker is pushing the time table up for finishing with the deal with the fat Orc girl.”

“Yo!” Vince said.

All three straightened up at Vince’s tone and they stared at him. Vince locked his gaze on his brother. “Her name is Ahlar Ross. The first name isn’t up for debate the second will be optional soon enough. Keep your personal bullshit issues you have against Ahlar to yourself and keep your head in the game. We have to close this case and stomp out all the shit bags involved.”

Pete held up his hands. “Alright, bro. Look. We’ll win the case. Listen. I looked through the case. There is a way for you to get out of your contract with-“

“Fuck, the contract. The bigger case is the illegal pagan ritual and attempted kidnapping. Both are high crimes on their own together it’s a perfect shit storm. Deacon Ross is into his ass in this shit. We got one witness, we just need another and if we can bag a confession I’m putting Slicer and his brothers to the sword for illegal mating rituals and attempted kidnapping.”

Pete put his hands down and stared at his brother. “Alright lead counselor. What do you need me to do?”

Vince stared at him. “While I’m handling the Ross case I need you to get me a confession out of that old bastard and information for how far this shit goes. All of it has to be recorded and documented.”

Pete was nodding his head. “I know. I know. I got you. You just focus on winning the next match to at least keep the game going long enough for us to nail em before they sneak away.”

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