Time to do some research for 2023 goals…

It’s a interesting time to be alive. Everywhere you go on the innerwebs, in real life and in the clown world that is the News and White house press room you hear the same old same old song.

Get ready. There’s shit and it’s about to hit the fan….again.

I’m kinda in my world right now or more to the point making my own worlds of entertainment and possible financial elevation to higher still positions.

I’m headed into the web comics business. Just got my digital tablet and pen. I have no talent as of yet for drawing in general but fuck all that I got a story. I have one to many stories all swimming in my head to tell. Some times. You need a different way of telling that story that will tickle the fancy of hears all around.

What the hell….I’m bard and I’ve got a story and song to sing.

Warm Regards.


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