Sleeping Beauty awakened by medical examiner pt 6

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Amber sat in a seat to my right with her note pad and pen ready in the business conference room I had rented out for the day at my bank. I checked my pocket watch in my vest pocket. 12 noon.

“Lord Blair. When are the Lords excepted to Arrive. It is getting rather late.” Amber asked in the voice of an angel but the tone of her words made me worried of what female fantasies were running in her head.

“I am not a Lord. I am Doctor Arnold Blair or if you need a personal name for me Master will do. The young professionals and tradesmen will be arriving shortly. It will be a short meeting and then we will go home to bed. The discussion matters regarding your wifely allowance and assistant pay will be on the morrow.”

“Yes, my Lord.” She said in a small voice.

“Remember, Amber. I did give you two choices in the matter.”

“Yes, my Lord. You were generous. My Lord I believe your first candidate for the counsel of lords has arrived.”

I got to my feet extending my hand toward a young tall handsome bald gentleman dressed in a crimson dark suit walked in the room frowning but he took my hand in a firm shake and nodded to me.

“I got your message Doctor Blair, I believe but I found it rather strange. A request for a leadership position in the city? I found it puzzling. I thought the current King wouldn’t share power here.” He said meaningfully glancing at Amber.

“There is no need to be wary of such, Mr. Beast. I have asked you here to represent the magical warrior tradesmen. The king is not interested in day to day politics as such.” I said.

Mr. Beast frowned at me and then flinched back blinking. He smiled slowly as he saw me. “I see. Your are…Doctor Blair.” He said meaningfully for some reason. He took out a cigar putting it to his lips.

I reached forward and snapped my fingers at the end of the cigar lighting it a blaze with my lite thumb. Mr. Beast smiled at me and nodded his thanks taking a puff and blew the smoke out the side of his mouth.

“Thank you. Doctor Blair, you refer to me as a tradesmen in magic warriors here. How in the ancients did you come up with that notion?”

“I know of your work in helping with the young male orphans in the city and civiling them into competent soldiers, guards and trash removers. I hope to extend you an invitation sense so many of those young men look up to you as the inspiration for getting rid of the Dracoian savages.” I said.

Mr. Beast’s eyes lite with understanding and he grimanced. “I get it. Youngsters have been talking about me behind my back. What political powers will be given to me if I accept and will it take up to much of time to bothered?”

I smiled. “You will have a vote on immigration issues and task in your estimation of getting rid of trouble makers hoping to invade and distrub the peace. Meetings will be few and short. How’s it sound?”

“That sounds wonderful to my ears. I’m in.” A female said.

I looked around to see my female cousin Mini and two male come forward.

Mini was dressed in a fashionable pink dress. “Cousin Mini. You are looking lovely as always.”

Mini did a lady like dip with her dress.

I held out my hand to one of the men. “Mr. Mohler. A pleasure to meet you.”

Mr. Mohler bowed to me and shook my hand. “It is an honor. Doctor Blair. I wish you long life. As guardian and manager of the Crossroads Bar. I can not accept a position of power however the Crossroads will act by your will as a second gate dealing out annoyances to your peace and being a sanctuary for all time. By your word as the administrator of the guardsmen of course.” He said nodding to Amber who was silently studying as she wrote down what was going on.

I nodded. “I accept your terms.” I said and then turned to catch

Adam Silverstone bowed to me. “We the academics and spellswords accept your offer my Lord. We will ensure the safety and guardianship of the state along side the guardsmen that follow you.” He said extending out his arm.

I clapsed his arm. “Excellent this is going far more-” I paused to turn my head toward my asistent.

Amber attempting to slip away. Moving silently out of her chair.
“Where are you going?”

Amber froze and then sat back down took up her pen and started writing.

“You will stay where you are until it is time for us to leave. You will not attempt to defy me. Am I understood?”

Amber paled at my tone but nodded. “I will do as you say my Lord.”

I turned back to Mini who walked over to stand and study Amber. “You’ve claimed a fairy. Are you sure about that?”

“I was there when I took her by the hips and sat her on my lap. So yes I am sure about that. What in tuss are you alluding to?”

“She’s a trickster. She might have used magic on you to make you want her. She looks like the type. Fat breasts, tiny waist and large ass. What the hell is appealing about her?” Mini said.

I literally couldn’t comprehend what in the tuss Mini was going on about. She couldn’t be serious but she looked and sounded like it.

Mr. Beast leaned close to my ear. “What in great Draco’s balls is your cousin going on about?”

I could see the other men had similar experiences of confusion. Amber was the only one looking she might cry.

“Lady Demar. I hold back my offer to you for the committee.”

Mini looked at me opened mouthed. “What for?! I didn’t say anything that was a lie. I was just asking a question. How could you like this-“

“-You are beginning to annoy me with your female nonsense. I chose Miss Clocks. That is final. I neither asked nor require your opinion. You are a female. You haven’t the first notion of how a male thinks or what pleases us so don’t attempt to make idle guesses about what we like and dislike in females.” I said softly.

Mini pursed her lips and stood straight. “I’m sorry for being foolish.”

“I suggest you concentrate on your flower business and becoming married lady. For right now you are acting very silly.” I said.

Mini bowed her head submissively to me. “My apologies Doctor Blair.”

“Apologize to my wife. Right this instance.” I said calmly.

Mini flinched at my tone but dipped a cursy to Amber and looked submissive though I knew there was a strong possibility she wasn’t anything of the kind.

“I apologize for my foolishness.”

Warm Regards



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