sleeping beauty awakened by medical examiner pt 4

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Chapter 3

“Do all high Lords of Drakerscape dress as you do?”

I heard the gentle lady voice speak to me as I went over my notes from last nights examinations.

I looked up at the lady I had had on one of my tables a few hours ago. She was dressed now in the purple robes of spellwords but with a long stick hocked to her belt at her side.

“It is the modern era. I am a modern professional. I am a doctor and city guardsman administrator.” I said. “The old world high Lords however dress in fancy robes of greys and the ladies in purples and whites. I prefer black and the dark blues of the city guardsman. You learned basic trading language fast.” I said.

Miss Borrow nodded her head. “I had a basic knowledge of it. I just needed to a spell or two to help with my memory. You are not going to ask me why I’m here.” She asked.

I shrugged. “It probably has something to do with the kiss. It wasn’t my idea. But, your up and about. That’s good. What did you wish to see me about?”

“Lord Silverstone told me you were one of the old family Lords of the land with the ears of the current King. Your a nobleman with the body and battle scars of a warrior as I saw early. How may I reward you for your service toward me.” She asked in a tone she had thoughts already on how to reward me.

I stared at her. She wasn’t much to look at. A pretty face and slim body and the arrogance of a true entitled rich brat. If I had been several years younger with less experience with her type I might have been seduced to try her out. But, again. I hadn’t the time or interests and my tastes were altogether different at my advanced age thirty-five years.

“There’s nothing I want from you. Well…I would like to know who kidnapped you.”

“Why? So you can hang them?”

“Yes.” I said simple. “We don’t tolerate kidnapping, rape or mass murder here. We have few rules but, you break one of them you get what you deserve.” I said.

She smiled seductively but her eyes were worry of me as she began to sense what I truly was.”I don’t know how to address you. You sound like a king or at least as you put it administrator of justice. Does Drakerscape have a king? Are you that king?” She said with a strange tone to her voice.

“I am a modern professional.. I do not go by such titles.. You may address me as Mr. Blair. Drakerscape has a few laws and one judge, one administrator and King if he so chooses to reveal himself. As Mr. Silverstone had probably told you. Spellwords handle cases of magical other worldly matters and for the tiny cases people find their way to the Crossroads.”

“The Crossroads? You mean the sanctuary. Yes.. Lord Silverstone told me of it.. I wish to know about you..I wish to know” She asked coming closer.

“No. I am drakescape citizen and former guardiansmen. The Drakes were allowed to handle matters until they proved themselves quite useless in anything but collecting gold and disrupting the peace of the general public with their antics. The citizens and guardsmen collectively grew bored of them and removed them.”

The girl stopped and frowned. “You removed the drakes? I think not. You appear to be a human with a minor touch of power of some kind from your current king. The Dracoians fleed the city because of in-fighting and the spellwords who drove them out finally. Human mortals have no power equal to superior to the fair Gale let alone the Dracoians.”

I smiled. “You are very young. You shouldn’t believe everything your told. As I said. The guardsman drove them out. Violence is just one means of doing so the guardsmen employed more then one means. There exists here a power you have no idea how deep it goes.”

“You are very free with your words to me. I could tell my people or drakes about you being the king here that master minded this all.”

I stared at her. “I never said I was a king. I am a medical doctor and chief administrator for the city guards. I played a part in Foxx and the Drakes removal from Drakescape. Besides all that. It is common knowledge.  The people born here have rights to the city of Drakescape as any Dracoian ever did. Is there anything else you wish to know?”

“How did you slay Drakerscape? He was….as near a God to magical kind as can be.”

I shook my head at youthful female nonsense imagination. “As God like as you think Foxx was he was still a piss poor fighter as can be said. Poor old chap could not take a punch to the face or avoid my removal of his heart from his chest all the same. It is getting late Miss Borrow you should head back to library. I have a busy day tomorrow.”

“I’m here to thank you in the matter of saving me I come from a wealthy family and my father can offer you a handsome reward.”

“I told you what I wanted. Either tell me who did that illegal act of magic and kidnapping of your body or I will find out myself and have the guilty party hung until they are dead.” I said gentle.

“I have no knowledge of who did the deed, Sir. You will end this talk about that matter.” She said in her strange tone as her voice grew more louder with energy and I smelled the scent of peppermint heavy in the air. “You are the current high Lord of this land. There will be an alliance between us in marriage. You will allow the spellwords to handle the magical matters in this city from now on and remove the Draco/mutants guardsmen from stepping into matters that do not concern peasant trash. Do you understand me?”

I smiled. “This must be eatting your high and mighty refined self up. Having to plead for my willingness to let you and your kind handle matters in my city as you see fit. Miss Borrow. Do I answer to you?”

The girl blinked and shook her head. “What?!”

I motioned with my hand. “Am I your slave? Do I answer to you? Do I owe you anything?”

“No. I fail to see your point Sir. We were talking about our future alliance.” She said louder and filled the room with the scent of peppermint.

“Do you have the power to make me do what you desire?” I asked her.

“Yes.” She said immediately.

I stared at her. “Really?! Do you honestly believe I have no knowledge you have been using magic on me to make me to tell you the truth. I mean really Miss Borrow. The gulf between you and I is more wider then you think. I have allowed your questions to put you at ease but if you become a problem in my city. I can just as easily bring you to heel and remind you of what real power looks is.”

The girl flinched back a step and stared and me blinking frowning. “You….you are not what you appear to be. What are you? There is a magic about you. I can’t place my finger to it. You appear human but are not.. I know the power of Dracoians. You are different. What are you?!” She paused but when I raised an eyebrow. She lowered her head and gaze. “I-I am not challenging your Majesty. I am young and out of practice in dealing with one such as yourself. I will not be a trouble to you.”

“Good. I have heard your speech and now it is time for you to leave. I will not be accepting any rewards from an ungrateful and unlady like girl who dares to act as she has. I have applicants to see tomorrow for a position. I must get home to rest. Good night.” I said and returned to reviewing my notes.

It took the girl several minutes to take the hint but she left quietly all the same.

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