Sleeping beauty awakened pt 3

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Sleeping Beauty awaken

Chapter 2

Solly came awake as Adam Silverstone and Captain Hawks arrived finally. Marshall and I helped him to his feet.

Silverstone drew near the girl’s body and waved a hand glowing hand over her. He quickly yanked his hand back when black flames sprang up fast to lick at his hand. He pbacked away and the flames were snuffed out but part of his sleeve had quickly burned away.

I rubbed a hand over my shield badge that was pinned to my right breast pocket. I caught Silverstone’s gaze and waved a hand at the girl’s body “You seen this kind of magic before? She wasn’t like this the last time I was near her.”

Silverstone stared at me. “You touched her?” He said addressing the question as an accusation.

“Yes but not in that way. Answer the damn question. Who do you know that can spell a human like this?” I said. Fairy magic and strange fire was the last thing I needed in my city with everything starting to become safe for females to walk on the damn street again.

Silverstone shook his head. “To many and to few I know are alive or not. It’s old magic. If you can touch her, you might be able to break her out of it.”

“Why me? I don’t know this girl or have any ties to her. What are you fishing for here?” I asked as I was beginning to get the feeling this librarian was playing a game on me.

Silverstone glared at me. “If you want to know who did this waking her up might help you answer a great many questions.”

“I wasn’t the only that could touch her Solly brought her. Let him try first.”

“I accidentally activated a trap on the girl by accident.” Silverstone said. “The last one to touch without evil intent was you. The flames are still on her. If your Solly tries to touch her he might get burned.”

“Might? Meaning you don’t know. Let him try first.” I said. I looked around to Solly to see him running out the door.

Damnation. I walked up to the girl. The flames started up again licking at my shirt and trousers. “What do I do?”

“Kiss her.”

I turned my head toward him even as my shirt caught on fire. “I beg your pardon?!”

Silverstone grimanced at my tone. “It need not be sexual or otherwise intent. Just a kiss with right energy levels will do.”

Fucking fairy magic bullshit.

“Fine.” I said and leaned down as the flames burned my shirt away. The flames burned against my skin and aroused me. I kissed her forehead.

The girl’s eye lids flew open. I leaned back as she came up from the table. I saw fear, alarm and confusion in her sky blue eyes. Her eyes focused on me.. she studied me a few seconds, frowned and then she lifted her hand and pushed me away with a gust of strange wind that smelled of peppermint. I flew backward toward a hard wall. My naked back hit the wall and I slid down to my ass. Okay so she wasn’t human. I got to my feet brushing off the fairy dust and the remains of my shirt and partial trousers.

The girl was up looking at Captain Hawks and then Silverstone. She spoke quickly to him in her native foreign tongue.

Silverstone spoke back in kind at the same speedy clip and pointed to me. She blushed and held the apren tightly around her body covering herself. The young Miss pointedly avoided my gaze now.

“So she’s a young fairy come to study at your library school?” I asked started walking toward the young girl on the table.

Silverstone frowned at me and shook his head. “She is pure blood spell-kin. Her name is Wind Melody Borrow.”

I waved for Hawks to approuch me. He came to my side quickly. “Get her statement and put somebody reliable on the case. She didn’t make it to the Crossroads to ask for help so it’s our case.”

“Why do you wish me to handle the girl, Sir? Do you wish me to handle the case?”

I shrugged. “Work the case into your schedule. Get Solly to handle the interview and assist you in hunting down possible leads.”

Marshall stared at me like I had grown two heads. “You want Solly of all people to handle the interview and assist the Captain. Are you going mad?”

“He’s spending to much time looking for ladies of the night on that damn street. He needs to get back on the hunt.” I said and turned to Silverstone. He was looking at me oddly and so was the girl now. I ignored her.

“Thank you Mr. Silverstone for your consultation. Captain Hawks will need to get the girl’s statement and personal information so that we can help her find the magic user that violated city law.”

“Mr Blair. This event involves magical matters. That falls into-“

“Enchantment sleep is a class A crime in the city, transporting her body is kidnapping and sex slavery puts the case… city guards’ hands. I know why she was put on that street. It’s against the Kings’ law as you know.”

“Drakerscape has no king. Sir. The spellwords are more equpted to handle such matters with all due respect.”

Both Marshall and Hawk gave me a meaningful look. I nodded in agreement. The spellwords were uneasy alliance the guardsmen tolerated but they needed to be kept in check so that they didn’t replace the Dracos in power. It was time to put them on notice.

I locked my gaze on Silverstone directly. The man flinched back a step. “Are you sure Drakerscape has no King? Because that statement can be refuted any time upon your request if your so inclined to challenge the guardsmen authority in such matters of the King’s law.”

Silverstone stared at me and then bowed his head. “I am not challenging your authority, Sir. I wish to offer assistance to the guards.”

I looked at Captain Hawks. “Your call.”

Hawks nodded his head. “Assistance would be welcome but this is city guards’ case work sense we found her on the King’s streets.”

I nodded and caught the girl trying to bet her eye lashes at me while trying to lore me with a invitation. What the tuss was this chit about? Damnation I did not have the desire nor energy to deal with a young school room chit’s attempts at seduction.

I went back to studying the boy on the table. My eyes caught the trace of a jade green dust under his fingernails. Interesting. I hadn’t caught that the last time.. was it there before? PlI waved them away. “Go on. I have work of my own to finish up. Get my recorder ready Marshall.”

Captain Hawks saluted me and herded the other two out the doors.

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