The world map of Drakescape Tales…

Drakescape world map

Time period 1800s

This of course is a rough map of story realm of Drakescape Tales. I will probably add another page to my site explaining characters and possible languages.

Drakescape – North Western region and town. The birth place of the ancient race of Dracoians and modern law and order realm.

Were lands – Land of were changlings

Fair Gale – land of high magic and fairy folk.

Red Stone – desert lands. Home place of the magical Redstone. Home of the dark skinned Redstone people.

Van Tari – Land of the giants and strong Van Tari people.

Iron Born – Land of Iron magic, Flying boats and the modern city also named Iron Born.

Hellgate – prison island

Brill – pleasure island. The island is also the home of the short but friendly Brill people.

Scin mountains – home of the barbarian Scin people.

Devil’s eye – a interdemintional door to multi demininsionals and hell realms. A door way to other realms in and out of the realm.

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