sleeping beauty 1

Photo by RODNAE Productions on
First time


My name is Arnold Blair. Chief medical examiner and administrator of Drakeacape city guards. My job is a simple one. I provide details and advice here and there to law inforcement in the city.

The morgue was my office and I was busy with a new subject.

I was leaning over a poor dead boy giving off details for a guardsman to record. While a silent Marshall Irons waited to the side watching and listening. He was working a manhunt case and needed the details.

“Oya. Mr. Examiner. I got a pretty one for you to look at. Strange case.” Solly Drakewood. A guardsmen said as he walked into the morgue with a female dead body over his shoulder.

I frowned at the body. The guardsman put her on a empty table.

I studied the body giving her a quick glance. I made no move to touch her. She was naked. I estimated her age around 18-25. Blond human. Mortal.

I checked her body for wounds. None. Signs of injection of posion. None. I reached for her chin and gentle pulled her mouth open. I saw no signs of posion. I smelled nothing on her breath. She was breathing. Strange. I noticed her body was warm. I took her hand and found pink dust on her fingers.

Fucking fairy dust. Damnation. Alive. But not alive. Asleep but not asleep.

I backed up as I realized what this was. I had two questions though with two answers. “Where did you find this girl?”

“I found the body on 5th divided and lane. Why?”

“Shit. Cover her up already.”

I looked over at Irons to see him covering his gaze. Oh shit. I filed that charecter trait in my mind for later.

“What is it? What do you see?”

“Some fucker spelled the girl. Cover her up.” Iron said uneasy now.

“Doc? What the fuck is going on?” Solly said in that tone that told me he was to seconds from running.

I quickly covered her with my apren. “Solly. Go get me a fucking spellsword from the city library and be quick about it. We’ve got a serious problem here. This girl isn’t dead. She’s a victim of magical kidnapping.”


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