Brainstorming: She-hulk, Heavy Metal and long kiss goodnight pt 3

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“Hmmm. That feels good. What happened next? How did the story end?” I said as I felt my body turn into a whole lump of kneaded and pleasure due.

“Well. She got a way. Not much excite that night of our first meeting. What happened at the authority station?”

I frowned. “I was nervous as fuck about what was going to happen to me. When I saw my brother at the station. I got even more nervous.”

“Was it something he said or a feeling?” Dallas asked before he applied pressure on my right hip before he gave me a readjusted it.

“NO! It was a look. He was surprised that I was alive.” I said and openned my eyes at it hit me. “You don’t believe I’m a clone of your wife.” I said.

“No. I don’t. But, I don’t care either way.” Dallas said smoothly.

“Why don’t you believe that? Clones are known for having memories of their original’s memories. It’s not abnormal.” I said smoothly.

“I have my reasons. But, it doesn’t matter right now. What else do you remember?” He asked smoothly trying to ease me away from my question because he knew it was upsetting me. Fine if he didn’t want to talk about then I didn’t want to talk or think about it either.

I closed my eyes. “I remember he is eyes. That’s what made realize a clue of what happened.” I said and began to force my mind back to that night.

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