Da fuck! Moment

Photo by ibadat singh on Pexels.com

I’m taking a lunch break before my next shift in the lunch room sitting in the corner eating a twist and drinking a Dr. Pepper.

In walks two shit kicking cowboys with trucker hats on and yes…neither was is a trucker and I had on my own hat too. We’ll call em. Young gun and old tomahawk.

Anyway, they get into the shit before Old tomahawk sits his ass down next to me.

“You see that’s what the younger generation are like no accountability. No accountability.” OT

“Yeah. What fuck is good in here to eat. What the fuck does that mean?” YG

“Are you fucking serious?! You don’t know what accountability is?!” OT

“Yeah. What fuck is that?” YG

I start laughing.

Young gun gives zero fucks what Old Tomahawk has to say. He is deaf and looking at a chicken burger in the fridge that is for sale.


Stop talking like an old fuck. Nobody 25 or younger gives a fuck what you have too say. Your only 35. Stop that shit!

They get into it after that with Young Gun fucking with Old tomahawk in between topics about spanish words, the weather, goble warming and the fucking weird north Korean education/induction system. All the while Young Gun is telling me how Old Tomahawk is fucking front loading some bullshit about what he knows about geography.

Old Tomahawk has had it and drops the bomb.

“Why you anorexic toothpick. Fuck you.”

I damn nearly pissed myself laughing out loud. That shit hit hard.

Young Gun comes back immediately with this line….

“Well you know what they say about skinny dudes?” YG

Da fuck?!

Time froze a second and then we all laughed at the shit eatting grin on Young Gun’s face and no fucks given gleam in his eyes. One older skinny dude added some sauce to it.

“He ain’t lying. He telling the truth “

I gave Young Gun a fist bump for that shit. A-. But he hit back with what he had. I turn to my work buddy who is looking around confused.

“What the hell is happening right now?”

I shrugged. Da fuck did I know or give a damn. I was having a good time before I had to work again.

Warm regards



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