Brainstorming: She-hulk, Heavy Metal and long kiss goodnight pt 1 ep 2

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I hadn’t thought about sex or being with a woman for a year now sense…well damn. I stared at the shorty who stood glistening with sweat after finishing her set of dead lifts and staring at me. Daring me almost if I would come over to her.

I hadn’t come here for this shit. I had come to get my short workout session for the week because my buddy was giving me shit about me losing my edge in court (that was bullshit) and gaining weight (that was true enough). So for the last two weeks I have been getting in a high cardio workout with free weights and a run afterward back to my condo in the purple district. The girl was new. I hadn’t seen her before at the gym. Why in the fuck was I attracted to this plain bitch?

She was pretty fit though nice shapely ass. I liked her lips and the confident stare focused on me alone. Fuck it.

I smiled and found myself walking over to her even as she narrowed her eyes at me. I got up close until I stood over her and she had to look up at me now. I was inches from touching her body.

“You done with the weights?”

She glared at me. “The answer is no.”

“No to dinner and sex or no to being done with the weights?”

“You don’t even know my name.” She said.

I smiled. “I’m Dallas. What do you go by?” I held out my hand. She stared at it and then finally took my hand.


“Shena. So. Dinner and sex then.” I wasn’t asking.

Shena hestitated. I leaned closer getting into her personal space. She didn’t back away. “Shena. So dinner and sex then.” I repeated my statement.

Shena stared at me. “I heard you the first time you just didn’t say where though or what time.”

“Jared’s place for dinner and a nice ride over to my place in my XZ cruiser. So six p.m. sound good.”

“Yeah. XZ cruiser. You must be a big time corpo?” She said with a smirk.

“I’m Authority. I’m just on the side that pays me what I’m worth. So. I’ll see you tonight at Jared’s.” I said and pulled her into my arms and kissed her right on the lips in the gym.

Shena froze up for a second surprised and then moved her lips a little as I coached her into playing the game. Shena relaxed against me slowly and then was kissing me back until I gentle pulled away and grinned at her. “I’ll see you tonight Shena. Nice meeting you.” I said before I turned and walked away feeling her gaze on my back the whole time.

Warm Regards



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