Brainstorming: She-hulk, Heavy Metal and long kiss goodnight pt 1 ep1

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A flash of lightning outside woke me up.

My head hurt like a sum-a-bitch as I felt my mind coming out of a fog state. I opened my eyes to the sight of a white tiled ceiling and sounds of a steady beeping heart monitor to the right side of the hospital bed I was laying on. I was naked but for a hospital gown on my body. I tried to lift my right arm but a heavy wrist strap. I tried my other wrist and the same wrist lock was attached there as well.

I examined the chains tied to the wrist locks. They were pretty heavy but I gave them a little more of a tug and I heard them break. I didn’t get up just yet because someone was coming into the room.

I lay back calmly. A man in dressed in a lab jacket, dress shirt and slacks with silver bright eyes behind thick glasses and a nervous smile came in followed by a man dressed in a dark suit with amber gold eyes and snide smile.

“Miss. Shena Waters. Happy Birthday. Your client who ordered you is here to collect you.”

Hmm. I was clone then. A clone of who though was the question. Why had they chained me though?

I looked at the man. “What service did you need me to perform? Mr…” I said pretending to focus on him while I could sense the Doctor bringing out a device of some kind as he moved to my right closer to the bed.

“I am Hank Waters. You are my sister’s clone. I had you engineered to, be stronger, faster, deadler then the most powerful elementals.. You are going to kill a man that got her killer off out of prison. You have one job. Well two. Kill Lilly’s murder and his lawyer Dallas Page. I don’t care in what order you do it.”

I nodded and then moved fast springing out of the bed grabbing the device from the doctor and shoving him aside across the room. I held up the device examining it and the timer on it. “Looks pretty dangerous to me. You were planning on using this to keep me in line instead of paying me.”

Waters blinked and smiled an honest amused smile. “Yeah. I thought about threatening you to do the job with your life. This is much more to my liking though.. 200ebs. How’s that sound?”

“If you mean 200k ebs then you got a deal. I think you can afford it sense cloning is a costly enterprise. Deal? I want it in writing?”

Waters nodded. “Deal. You’ll have it writing. Half now. The other half when the job is done. Happy Birthday Shena. I’m glad your still reasonable.”

I shook my head. “The name is She-Roar. What kind of protection this lawyer has. Must be pretty big.”

Waters shook his head. “Nothing bad you can’t handle. He’s only an archetype for one of the dragons. All you have to do is get close to him and kill him then go after my sister’s killer.”

I nodded and held out my hand. “Money first. Then I’ll get on that.”

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