The Creeping Gamma

The inspiration….and Redbone as follows….

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Like I’m going to take the opinion of a person that NEVER answered my point and then kept going on a mutual circle jerk with a person that ran like a craven fucking coward the moment she tried coming at me

Which is my last point. You are nothing more than an idiotic faux intellectual Fucktard bully that thought he’d found an easy target in MGTOW that got massively butthurt and STOPPED when he found out that wasn’t the case

Take your projections shove them up your ass. YOU chose to post what you posted so deal with the consequences little boy

My response….

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It’s too late. It’s now 20-22 but….

The Gamma can’t stop whinning about


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He’s all up in his feelings and

It’s so wrong.

He wakes every up day be-moaning

being a Man.

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If you want to…


If you want to…


If you want to

Shame me and call me a little boy. Then here is my advice…..

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Stay fucked! Up the ass!

Creeping Gamma.

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Go fuck yourself!


Stay fucked. STAY FUCKED!! Up the ass!

Creeping Gamma. Go Fuck yourself.

Warm regards


P. S.

I’m dropping my poetry album later this year. I damn near pissed myself laughing at his enraged reply to a comment I made one fucking year ago. The dude has red pill blog were he complains about females and other shit.


3 thoughts on “The Creeping Gamma

  1. OOOO Love the Ad Hominem you stunned moron! Can take brain-dead crap like that from you all day!
    Doesn’t change the fact that you can the stunning and brave Canadianrainman engaged in a little circle jerk and then Canadianrainman ran like a little bitch the moment she had to start producing actual facts

    Just like you! You’re all big and bad on your own blog but at least Canadianrainman had some actual balls (Unlike you) and at least TRIED to come over to my blog. Something you haven’t and likely won’t ever grow a pair and do

    So yeah, you go ahead and post up this comment to get your followers to circle jerk you again. I’ll just wait over on my blog

    How about that asshole? This response “Gamma” enough for ya? Just remember if you don’t come on over YOU’RE HIDING FROM A GAMMA! Yeah you stunned fucktard YOUR WORDS not mine

    Oh and second time now. The whole Alpha, Beta, Gamma thing? It’s been debunked BY THE VERY SCIENTIST that came up with that idea. Just keep being stupid


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