Mapping out the Story episode 2 starting with a charecter

The podcast

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This week’s podcast is about starting a story out with a character. I do a bit of reading of course and pose a question for writer’s having a block in the creative process.

Why not start with the character and go from there generating the story as the character goes along.

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2 thoughts on “Mapping out the Story episode 2 starting with a charecter

  1. Character-driven story is tricky because plot is no longer overarching but serves a secondary role. Some writers work out the entire plot of their novel (I don’t like this) and they would choke if they had to do it character-first. If you can swing this you’ve got multiple angles of writing down cold.

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    • Strong characters and believable reactions to twists in the plot make interesting stories. Weak characters and weaker motivations spoil a story for me.

      I’ve tried to draw up the plot first before or set in stone a direction for the story to go but if that plot or direction made the charecters less believable or worse weakens their character motives then it just doesn’t work for me.


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