Styx Shade Chronicles: Styx Shade at your service

Hmm. Now we come to my favorite part of the Chronicles of Lord Shade. The introductions.

My father was in a disappointed mood. He didn’t have a notion in his mind of the prospect of a Shade being any good. Much in the same manner were many of his generation and status.

Brandon sighed at the closed door and then kicked it open seeing that it wasn’t closed at all. “Godsdamn it boy. I told you to stop screwing with the fucking lock on the door. Come out.”

The room was shadowed with one light from a window on the upper back wall to bring in the light from outside.

Lord Skylark frowned. He looked around not seeing anything. Brandon pointed at a dark corner in the back. “John Smith. Take that damn magic shadow down and show yourself.”

Young male laughter greeted him. “I don’t answer to that government name Gent. It’s Shade to you. Whose the fake nob with you gov. Ah hell fire bitch. Look at them fucking ears.. He’s a fucking elf. Damnnation.”

Lord Skylark was more then a little put off to say the least. “Alright. Come out of the dark black let’s have a look at you. Put down your magic down.”

“I ain’t using dumbass elf. Use your special elf vision and you can see as much.”

Lord Skylark held up a gold coin and threw it to him. Styx caught the coin and reached out and stood to his feet. Styx stood tall at nearly the same height as Lord Skylark.

Lord Skylark stared at him. He eyed his brown skin, black hair common enough for a Shade but for the strange eyes, pointy ears. “Hello. Hello. We have a dark elf among us. Your one to be critical of my half blood looks. You look at least a little more blood elf to me.”

Styx played with the coin in his hand. “Your an old asshole with poor eye sight. I’m a cursed Shade. Whatever it is you want with me old man. I ain’t interested.” He said and threw the gold coin back at Lord Skylark.

My father held up a hand when Brandon would have spoken and he stared at Styx. “I need an apprentice so my bosses don’t cry my ass out and put me on a case that will get me killed. I’m offering you a trade to pick up and have for when you go out on your own. What’s your name, Mr high and mighty Lord dark elf?”

Styx gave Lord Skylark a gentleman like bow. “Styx Shade at your service. Whom, I do have the pleasure of addressing?”

Lord Skylark smiled and returned the bow. “Lord Ethan Skylark. Your most humble friend.”

Styx straightened up. “Your Ethan Young aren’t you?”

Lord Skylark snorted with laughter. “You have an ability to see the future then?”

“No. Momma Jin told me about you twelve months ago before she was killed by coppers for illegal Magicks.”

My father stared at him and then blinked. “Damn. Damn it all to hell.” He said and turned to leave looking back at Styx.

“Come on. Come on then. If you knew Momma Jin it’s my job to take you on then. Let’s go.”

Warm regards


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