Site updates…..#wordpress #twitter.

The site is pretty fucked up right now. My hope is people are getting the content and enjoying it. But, I don’t know because it won’t show me my updates or analytics for the day so there you go.

If you wish to know when I’m dropping a post. It’s everyday however I will put up links on and on Twitter.

Yeah. I’m back on hellmouth Twitter because there’s one dude on there I like to read his writing and I’m waiting patiently for the asshole to finally drop the link on his second book this year hopefully. My handle is…GuardianD0gg

Yeah that is a zero not an oh in the Dogg part. Anyway here’s a poem….

This word is pressing on me. It’s on the tip of my tongue.

I’m hasn’t to say

That word

To that company

That is fucking with my readers seeing my shit. They have their reasons. But, then again maybe it truly is a mistake on my part. In error in judgement on me.

Na’aw fuck that shit. I know why your fucking with me and…

I will win in the end.

Warm regards



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