Dream realm (game) brain storming session…002

Hybrids or skill upgrades….

Option A

There can be a moment in the quest storyline that the character can change or evolve into a hybrid class or obtain a modified skill set.

Option B

In the game characters can gain skill sets or elemental powers from a chance encounter from a dragon or evolution effects from the area where the character grew up.


Option A. Quest. “Kidnapped daughter”

. Ren Friday. Class. Executive. Non elemental. Skill sets: Politics. Negotiations. Technical knowledge of computer systems. Weapons: detalink, detapad, cybernetic eyes.



Ren is on his way to the drop off area with the silver ebs credits in a case. Into the red district on foot as far the instructions but stops at corner wind he hears a crack of lightning in the clear blue sky followed by female laughter behind him. He breaks out into a cold sweat.

Lightning baby.

He starts running as the lightning starts up. Ran has avoided her for most his life. Knowing once touched his status as a executive corpo will be canceled. Randomly generate a number between 1 and 20 or roll the dice for 2 or 5. High number you evade the lightning baby encounter roll a low number you meet the lightning baby around the next corner.

Depending on the counter the story can go anyway.

Warm regards



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