Current writing habits and book updates…

I figured that I really need to just focus on finishing one book at a time. I can get out a short story here and there but I have to be careful of this. I love writing four swords but it’s turning into a full on book that takes to much of my time and it’s too damn long to put up online. I’ll gather what I have and finish it out in a ebook.

I’m finding it harder to keep my short stories real short now. I just end up writing down more then two hundred words with it and I find it harder to keep it short. I’m going to finish it but it will take me full days on my off days to get it done.

I loved writing Blue Jumper but I could have explored more and gone longer with it. I’m at version 001 but I’m going to extend it when I can.

I like how the Dawn of the Supers series is coming along. It’s my favorite series so far because of the challenges the stories have given me. It’s a fun little sci-fi action adventure read.

Currently I am focused on Styx Shade. The writing style is a challenge for me but I embrace it. I’m taking a break from strange dreams Alex and will pick it back up when I’ve finished Styx Shade book 1.

I’m close to finishing La Rue the knight. But it will take time on my off days. I have a direction for it but I just need the off days to get the work done.

So far a busy year for writing.

Warm regards



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