Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 18 Heart

I woke up several hours later, hungry and feeling a sense of my balance return though that consent cloud of darkness seemed to shade my thoughts in depression. I noticed my old pj’s on my body and the scent of lavender in my old room.


I started to get up and heard foot steps coming from the stairs up to my room. I tried to raise and fell back on my bed. Damn. I was still too tired and hungry. Xenia came into the room dressed in a white robe and smelling freeze from the shower.

She had a tray of a plate of beacon and eggs with a pancakes breakfast in her right hand a glass of juice in the other. She gave me a look. “Time for breakfast. Good morning.”

“You can’t stay.” I said.

Xenia ignored my comment as she came to sit on the bed next to me. She pasted the tray to me. I took it picked up thr knife and fork. I started in on the breakfast.

Xenia sat quietly staring at me while I ate in silence until I was done and then finished it off with the tall drink. The taste and freshness of the drink cleared my dark mood instantly making me realize it was again that special drink.

I downed the drink in one go and then set the tray and drink aside on the bed to face off against Xenia. Her robe was half open a bit revealing her naked breasts. I fixed back to cover her so that I wouldn’t get distracted.

“What’s your plan here?” I asked.

Xenia shook her head. “No plan. No games. I’m taking care of you. Don’t over think it. Your brothers are all out and about handling something. Zadok’s down stairs with several other tribesmen until they get back.”

I frowned. “Get back from where? Doing what? The Deltas are supposed to be doing the work now.”

“They didn’t bother to explain it to me. They just said they’re hunting for someone.”

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