Days In Life

Some place in mind and life I’ve been expressed wonderfully.

Avisha Rasminda

Solid is our heart

Wind is our mind

We are pure like water

Sometimes things can get be unclean

Don’t be displeased

You know what’s right, My friend.

Like a river, we spent our days in life

I see the morning of life and the night

Frozen heart told me many things

Deep ocean of my mind

Teach me how to live with the sharks

At the night it’s lonely

Don’t remind me anything at night

I’ll be born again in thoughts

I see the light far from home

That’s the life


Tiring mind

Tiring life

Will lead you to the basement

Don’t be let down yourself

Keep going where you want to be

Otherwise, you will end up in the sadness

Willingness and courage is the key

By innovative, you will see what you can be/do

From there you will come

Will rise like the sunshine

Thickness about…

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