Maybe this is how psy ops work? The slap mind control event….

Two days ago Joe Biden makes a public speech about…

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” Biden said during a visit to Warsaw, Poland.

Again. This man said this shit and then his own administration walked back his statement restating the meaning of what he said.

At the same time admiting he’s just some old evil puppet on a string and then….

Photo by cottonbro on

For the first time in years everybody on the internet centers on one event of some rich dude slapping up some rich dude over some words said in a joke. Now nobody even gives a damn let alone remembers or cares about happened.

I saw this happen in real time. It was like a virus of one thought. Look at this. Pay attention to this. Think about this. Be angry. Be sad. Talk about it. Meme about it.

All eyes are focused on something that doesn’t matter.

Photo by Victor Freitas on

Magically, no one will remember what Biden said in his fumble of words and his excitement to his thoughts out to a small crowd of people that got free tickets to hear a dementia riddle old bastard talking about going to war with Russia like he was at his family barbecue or he thought he was on a campaign for Mayor of Baltimore Maryland.

Just a theory I had. Does this man look sane?

I mean that slap though. That was so shocking. Nothing NOTHING has every happened like it. It was horrorifing. It was scary. Cuck. Beta and all that bullshit.

Warm regards



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