Impressions and what the fuck: The Bidening of Isaac Rebirth

I don’t know what the fuck to make of this game at times. I was rocking with for the first impressions and then I hit a wall and was hating it and then…

The Fuck.

In short….

It’s a bullet hell dungeon crawler Zelda stylish game with stupid humor and the creator hates his catholic fat ass mother.

The artwork is weird as fuck my dude.

You play Issac a fuck ugly kid falling through floors to escape his mother and battle her later and whatever. I have no idea why I keep playing this game other then…

I love Zelda games and the game play is addictive to me. The challenge of failing a hundred times to improve in short bursts at a time. Every new game is different and random how you’ll start out and what you’ll get a long play through and a short fuck this shit moment.

If you like a challenge or roguelike games then give a go the shit is on everything now.

Warm regards



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