Thinking about the black culture….and my own tribe.

It’s a complicated question that I find interesting about the Black American culture as it is self named currently and how think of myself.

What is Black Culture? How do you define it? How do you label as such as it should or as it is?

I don’t like the name Black culture. Though it rings true to many of the nation. I don’t like the music current or the weird fucked up relationships with baby Mommas and baby Daddy’s. The tattoos of advertisements from other cultures that people stamp on their bodies and the lack of fuck all or give a damn about language and body modifications to what is naturally you.

I say this now though. I was of an opinion to such at one time but for how I was raised and I am a admit to be so an anamony. I am not the norm I am of a different tribe mindset and personality.

Hmm. I still think on the question. What is a uniting aspect of people with Black Culture. It’s only recently I found a source to it by way of a patriarch apart of the Black American culture but seperate. Identify with his philosophy and I rock with mindset and pursuit of excellence in his chosen vacation.

“To sum up what mamba mentality is, it means to be able to constantly try to be the best version of yourself,” Kobe Bryant

I see this mindset play out in generations of people striving to do live this way both intentionally and those that striving for something better. A better situation in life. Better relationships, better modes of making money, etc.

It goes on and on. It is a common tract. The Mamba philosophy.

My mind goes back to images and of 1960s and early 1900s Black cultures rose and the way the operated. The mindset of the culture in that time. Again I think of the movie Malcom X and the scene of power.

Was this a mask?

Was it all just a front the people in the day put up as their means of survival and trying to look white in a white dominanted society? Honestly the people back then had it worse then my generation with far less then I have. They had act in a certain way. They had to move in a certain way and again not every single member of the nation agreed to do so. But, more then a few did so. Was all just a mask for the times.

No. It was simple a mindset. The people knew they were viewed as innocent children, violent animals or peasant race. Some accepted these theories and acted accordingly others knew it was in….


Some not all. But, enough people were of a tribal mindset that they would strive to be the best versions of themselves and be controlled by the images other people put on them. They wanted to be their own people that decided what their views of themselves would be. They weren’t perfect or all together good. But, they had a version for something not to be independent of what the messages were of them.

Those people were my ancestors. My tribesmen of a kind. The tradesmen I could I dentify. Trufully we never were African-Americans. That was just always a place holder term.

What changed?

More freedom for black people to be who they are? Yes and no.

It’s complicated but personally I just think the programming methods got better advanced. For a time there was programming geared toward positive images of my tribe during the 1990s with shows like Family Matters and A different world and the shows of the 1980s.

In conclusion….

I go back to this quote ..

“To sum up what mamba mentality is, it means to be able to constantly try to be the best version of yourself,” Kobe Bryant

Kobe didn’t live his life striving to be better the Michael Jordan or a better Larry Bird. He lived striving to be the best Kobe he could be. I rock with that. That is independent of being like anything else. It is striving to improve on what is original.

Now. How do I really think of myself. I think of myself as I am an Aboriginal. I’m not trying to be like anyone else. I’m not trying to mask lingo or hustle & flow to my speech and lyrical bard harold of my message….

This me striving everyday to be a better version of myself. I fail. I try again. I write everyday. I put in the work. I go full steam and strive to be the best me I can be then I was two days ago.

Warm regards



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