I really do blame MGTOW for condoning beta bitch behavior in the west….

Real talk.

Alright here’s the inspiration for this post.

It’s a simple social media post about family and baby making being good.

That’s it.

I’m peeking the post and just reading a stream of bitching, whining and moaning about court case arguments, motorcycles, blackpills that basically summarize to be…

No. Nooooo. It’s wrong. It’s wroooong. Family is dead. Baby making is the means to inslaving the male pocketbook. NOOOOO!

Holy shit.

Granted there are two waves of opinions in the comment section..

one wave of photos of shit kickers showing off large families and crushing in the baby making business. So many mountain man muscled bearded dudes with hot damn ass wives with baby on her hip and one in her stomach. Most of these folks look like they’re from another era. Where did what they wanted and their females because biology.

Big Dick Energy era.

Photo by Kindel Media on Pexels.com

The other group is whining about chickas and family court and it being the end times so it’s time to take the time to look up in the sky and forget about all that baby making stuff the world is heating up and getting scary and…..

The era of the MGTOW

Photo by Roman Carey on Pexels.com

Holy fucking shit.

It’s the whining. It’s the complaining. It’s the beta bitch energy. I know it well. I used to be in that crowd. But, holy fucking shit. I never complained as much as the later group does about something some of them are afraid of or talk shit about what somebody else is crushing AND some of these assholes never intended to do from the jump.

I would say to each his own opinion but fuck that shit. Grown man afraid of having a family with a female and having kids is weird but whatever. Grown man saying having kids is stupid and evil also instructing young man not have a family or to live as they do and think as they do.

Na’aw son. Now your starting to sound like a fucking cult of fucking hockers, riding motorcycles and bitching about life being hard and baby making being evil.

Hmm. I got questions for the dude in the dark overdosing on Blackpills and porn.

Okay whose side are you on? Who are you working for?”

How can a man complain about the system and take advantage of it being fucked up. While advocating for the shit to stay broken by enaction to a problem set before him. For twenty fucking years.

Does any of that make any mother fucking sense? Wait. Yes it does make sense. If your a welling idiot or undercover agent of the system. You want to do your best to keep the system fucking over men and human relationships in the west. Instead of men taking charge and reclaiming dominance you would advocate for the shit show to continue by men not taking on traditional roles of manhood. Fatherhood. Dominance. Building. Conquering.

In summary…

Men fix shit. We build better shit or we repair broke shit. We don’t complain like a fucking bitch for twenty fucking years about something being broken unless your a beta bitch simp.

Warm regards



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