Case studies of A beta bitch….

Witnesses testimonies…

I don’t know why females call beta bitches nice guys. Then again what the hell does being nice have to do with being a man.

I guess their trying to be nice (lying) and not call a dude out on being a beta bitch or a beta bitch simp.


21.And finally…”I dated (very briefly) an engineer who would talk down to me and denigrate my profession (I was in the automotive industry at the time) and the fact that I didn’t have a degree. At the same time, I needed to be the one to drive everywhere because his car was too crappy and unreliable, and we could only spend time at my townhouse because he lived in a shitty, filthy apartment with two roommates.”

The fuck? Low budget basic bitch. The shit a female will put up with from a beta bitch.

3.”I was briefly dating a ‘nice guy’. We had a disagreement talking about where this was heading and in the end he told me, ‘If I wanted you, I could have you. I can have any girl I want. if I wanted to date you I’d be dating you and if I wanted to fuck you I’d be fucking you.’ I cut off all contact and he kept asking me why I was upset and said he did nothing wrong.”


Fucking hell. This is the behavior of the beta bitch. They fucking hate being confronted. Holy shit.

Female asks her dude. Where is this thing between you and I going? Translation: I’m ready to be barefoot and making babies.

He turns it up with a bitch fit from hell. Trying to act all cool like this bitch got options. He’s afraid of commitment. He just needs time. He needs to get his money right. Why she not understand he’s afraid of a divorce. He just needs….he just needs to stop being a basic beta bitch simp.

Fucking hell.

When a Chicka comes to a Real One with the question the answer comes ready made to order. “GuardianDogg where is this shit headed between us? I’m tired of making love on cheap tables.”

“Yo. I’m trying to get that asshole at the bank to give me a fucking 15 year mortgage on a spot I’m peeking at and buy a fucking new special order table. Your ass need to get used to the idea of being barefoot and wearing sundresses all day and feeding my three kids because this conversation is proceeding to us having the first kid in a minute.”

Warm regards


P. S.

I blame MGTOW for condoning this beta bitch behavior.


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