Dream realm (Game) Brain storming session 001

I am brainstorming about Cyberpunk dreams as a RPG. The name of the game will be Dream realm or DR RPG.

The rules:

The dream master presents a quest for the player(s) to go on and attempts to present obstacles for them to overcome or fail. The players win when they achieve his/her goal and survives to the end. Number of players 2-5.

There is a dice roll or randomly generated numbers program for actions to fail or succeed. Based on the value of the skill sets of each player. Success/failure is depending on skill value or chance encounters.

Example: Rafael Kendrick. Class: Nomad. Race: None elemental. Skill set: Malee 50%, Survivalist 30% bartering 30% Weapons: Lightning sword 15%, hand to hand 50% revolver 10% Weaknesses: Low technical knowledge, Advanced weaponry. Executive Politics. Elemental magic.

Players can name their own character, pick from classes with in the game lore and level up their characters as the quest progresses and they face off against enemies.

The game world map

quests take place in the city or the bordering regions.

Warm regards



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