Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 9 Diamond

The little Shorty that worked for Lords of Delta set up the meeting at Big Al’s spot down town. Al was tribe so that put me somewhat at ease. I was still on edge. I had weird feeling about her and Joe as we drove over to the spot in Zadok’s van. It was a tight fit and she was damn near sitting on Joe’s lap and nobody said anything. It was normal.

I didn’t sense any danger from her anymore but I got a worse feeling. Fuck it. I would save it for later. We got to the bar and Ace got out first at the corner to meet three hulking dark brown brothers in grey suits. None of them looked like they came from the old northern country but they had the hulking bodies and sharp looks of Northmen. Dark eyes. Shark noses and direct dominant stares.. I studied them as we got out.

They were all related to the elder who looked in to his sixty’s but was in shape though his two Jr’s were two inches taller then him. He smiled when he saw Ace held out his hand to him. Ace took the measure of the elder and grasped his hand in a firm shake.

“Lord Ace Holmes. I am Andrew Von Delta. The men behind me are my grandsons and members of my firm. To my right. My partner Pete Don Delta and to my left an associate of the firm Vince Draco Delta. We have come here to offer you help in the business affairs of magical law of vengeance.” He said and let go of Ace’s hand.

Ace nodded and looked over to me. I stepped up. Ace nodded. “We are a little green in regard to magical laws and such from the old country. This is the region King’s lands after all so. We do have one important pressing question though.”

Andrew jerked his head to the right down the corner. His grandsons moved fast and damn near knocking Ace and I aside as they guarded their grandfather by instinct. Andrew held up hand. “Yeah. Could we speak inside Mr. Holmes in your tribe’s domain away from the public eyes.”

“Yeah. Of course.” Ace said reaching for the door. He grasped it and opened it.

The Deltas just looked at Ace. He frowned but led the way inside. The Deltas were the last ones inside. Andrew smiled again and was all charm as was his grandsons. It was all a mask though. It was their civilization masks.

“So you had an important pressing question, Lord Holmes.” Andrew said addressing Ace. “Please speak your mind.”

Ace nodded seeing the masks. “I have two questions now. One. Why did you send the girl that is my blood enemy to us? Two. What the hell are you guys? You sound like lawyers but you act and look like something else.”

Andrew laughed. “Well in regards to Miss Gannon. It was advised by one of the associates in the firm Miss Gannon would be necessary in representing the firm and she holds certain elements to strengthening your case. In regards to our appearances and behavior you will have to indulge our certain old school behaviors it is a genetic throwback to our ancestors former profession.”

“What profession was that?” Ace asked though I already had a guess.

Andrew smiled. “Counselors and champions of military negotiations and delegations.” He said smoothly.

Ace glanced at me getting the subtext of that bullshit. Joe looked confused but Heart looked alarmed but thankfully said nothing. So they were basically mercenaries in Brokes Brothers suits. That was the best fucking news I’ve heard all fucking day.

Vince moved turning to the door as someone came inside. I saw a grey Double H Pinned on his right breast suit jacket. The fuck? How the fuck did I miss that. Vince was staring at the man. His sibling put a hand to his shoulder that Vince shook off.

I took a stance beside Vince. The stranger frowned at us and tried to move past us. Vince snarled at him. “Get fuck on bitch. Negotiations are in processing you ain’t fooling nobody. We will inform your parties of our Lords wishes and opening statements. Until then no spying.”

“What we got, Vince.” Andrew asked coldly.

“A spy for the opposition, Mr. Delta. I saw the gentleman a few moments ago walking down the street away from the bar. Mr. Heart Holmes is this gentleman one of your people?”

“I don’t know this fucker. He ain’t a regular here either. Get the fuck on bitch.” Heart said with a edge to his voice. He was close to panicking.

The man still looked confused. “What the hell is this? What is wrong with you people. I just came here to get a drink before I head home.”

“Leave now bitch before you can’t.” I said as the man dropped his keys. He reached down to get them as he reached for something else under his jacket.

Vince was on him first grabbing his wrist and putting his thick forearm against the man’s throat. “Let it go. NOW!” He said and squeezed his wrist.

The man screamed and dropped a red wood stick on the floor. I frowned at it reaching for it.

“Don’t touch it, Mr. Holmes.” Vince said.

I straightened up away from it and then thought about what I was seeing. I looked slowly up at the man Vince was holding back.

“You don’t need these mutant freaks to champion you. We will give you your mothers killers all we want is the sword. Give it to us. Give it to-“

Vince head butted him and I blinked twice as I came out whatever the hell the bitch had done to me. The man looked at Vince in surprise. “You just broke the region King’s law article A_2 forcfully enchanting a contract. Now you can’t leave. I have witnesses to the fact. That’s death.” Vince said with purpose.

“Let him go brother Rider.” I told Vince.

Vince shoved the witch at the door before bending down picking up the stick and braking it with his hands. The witch stared wide eyed and then his face twisted in rage and he spat at Vince speaking some type of hissing language. Vince flipped him off. “Yeah. Fuck you too bitch. That shit don’t work on my kind. I’ll see you though.”

The man turned looking at me. He froze turned to run. I drew my piece and unloaded all of my magazine on his ass until he dropped down to the floor filled with arcane bullets. The witches body glowed from the bullet holes.

“Godsdammit Diamond. You fucking got blood all over my fucking floor. At least you could have taken the fucker outside first.” Big Al said.

I turned to Vince offering him my hand. We shook. “What year you pledged to the horsemen?” I asked him.

Vince smiled. “2002. How about you?”

I smiled. “2016. Thanks for taking our case.”

Warm regards



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