Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 8 Ace

Zadok, Heart and I sat in the living room while Diamond and Joe watched the witch outside. What the hell was going on?

“Alright man. Level with me. Who are these Lords of Delta and why did you connect to them for us?”

Zadok sighed. “The situation with the people that killed Katie is difficult. They’ve already tried to use Zackary as intermediate tool he gave me the short end of the story before he took off.. It’s going to be complicated getting a hold of them in one place to settle it the old fashioned way. We need professional help for this.”

I held up a hand. “Why would it be complicated to get a hold of them and what the hell do a bunch of witches can do for us?”

Zadok shook his head. “The Lords of deltas aren’t witches. They’re negotiators in fairy and magical case laws. They’ve handled special cases like this for two centuries sense they got over here from the old country.. The complication is we’re dealing with powerful fairy and elven forces in play. This wasn’t just an attack on your mother it was a political move to take over your domain. If your mother didn’t have a will and magic wards on it they would have rushed in and ended it quick.. The problem is we have no idea which group did it. We need to find out which group to strike at so we don’t get into a fucking war with several alliance forces of fairy folk.”

“Zadok.” Heart said speaking up. “What the fuck domain do we have for them to take? Is it the businesses here, the properties? What are they after?”

Zadok sat forward. “Most of the business the tribe owns spill out throughout the city and outer farm lands and with Ace building the tribe’s interest real-estate in Florida. All of it is under the domain of you and your brothers protection but the power you have that’s what their after. It’s apart of your legazy. A legazy you’ve only just started to take hold of that they want.”

“If we have this power then we can take on the assholes who killed our mother and the people protecting them. We don’t need strangers to handle our business. Especially ones that hire our blood enemies.” I said.

Zadok stared at me. “Your willing to take on several nations of Orcs, fairies, elven and possibly Warlock humans with the possibility you might luck out and hit your target? Okay. Just remember you won’t be doing it alone. The whole fucking neighborhood will follow you into the shit. I just don’t think there’s enough of us to get the job done.”

“I’m not joking around.”

“Neither am I.” Zadok said holding up his hands. “Your in charge. I’m just making suggestions and offering help. The girl looks like a orphan mixed breed of your blood enemies. Blood feuds have to do with magical conflicts on sight.. It might be be a chance event they sent her or it might be something else.” Zadok said leaning back in his chair. “What do you want to do?”

I sat back and thought about it and looked at Heart. “I don’t believe in this kind of luck. What you think?”

Heart nodded. “I want to know who these assholes are and if their working both sides. I say we meet em. Diamond can sniff out the bull crap if they’re fucking with us. Who knows. If there on the up and up we could use em to sniff out who ordered the hit on Momma. Momma always said if your going to do something be intentional and focus on what your aimming at.”

I nodded remembering the saying. “I want the man or bitch that ordered the hit. If we can use the Lords of Delta to get it done I’m fine with that. Let’s head out.”

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