Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 7 Joe

Momma’s gift was heating up against my chest Under my shirt as I approached the witch. I watched her body and I worked hard keeping my gaze on her chest and curvy body. She was starting to back up.

Oh no you don’t bitch. You ain’t going nowhere but a early grave.

“Come on shorty. Why you acting all skittish around me. You came here to discuss some business. Talk with me a bit. You got a card right. Show it to me. Let me see who your working for.” I said. I brought my gaze up to her face but avoided her direct gaze.

“I-I came here on good faith Mr. Holmes. I am an attorney for the Law offices of the Lords of Delta. I did nothing to your brother there is a perfectly reasonable reason for his reaction to me as well as yours. I understand he is under stress because of his mother’s passing. I apologize for not coming in a more formal prepared way.”

Lords of Delta. That’s a start. Tell me more bitch.

I nodded as I got closer. “Yeah. He’s still a lot shook up. It’s all a miss understanding babe girl. You have excuse my brothers. They’re all still a bit to heated right now. I believe you. Come on and tell me what your bosses are offering for our lands forget about my brothers reaction. I’m all ears for you shorty. Talk to me.” I said adding a little playfulness to my tone.

“I do not wish to die. Please allow me to leave. I will not trouble you or your family by my presence again.” She said in a voice that shook with held back fear. I realized something was keeping her in place. Good. I was close.

“I didn’t say anything about killing you. You really are reaching baby girl. Come on and tell me more about your bosses.” I said smoothly. I was close to grabbing her nice neck.

“The both of our blood relatives are in a magical blood fued with each other.. I apologize for appearing as I have but The Lords of Delta were called in for a consultantation by your elder.. I work for them. They wish to assist you in your quest for vengeance in a lawful way. If you not allow me to leave then I have no choice.” She said and then took off her shoes and got to her knees.

The strange vibe of magic in the air was cut off suddenly. My mother’s gift went cold against my chest but I didn’t trust it. “What did you just do?” I asked knowing she had done something to instantly change the dynamics in the situation.

“I submit to you Lord of the house of four swords. I beg your mercy and ask you spare my life. I hold no elegance to those that did harm to the lady of your house. I give my body in to your service.” She said in a shaky voice.

My hands itched to strangle this bitch of my enemies but I looked at Ace first. Ace was rubbing his chin. Diamond looked pissed but he shook his head reading my thoughts. Damn it.

Ace walked over and bent down. “You mentioned an Elder of mean told you to come here. Who is this elder?”

“Zadok. My Lord.” She said in a whisper.

“Damn it.” Ace said and got up and sent a glare at Zadok who stood on the porch of the house waiting.

At least now we knew why the elder was late showing up. We just needed to know now who were these Lords of Delta and what kind of help could they give us?

Warm regards



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