Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 6 Heart

It was around 8:36 a.m. when the people around the neighborhood started to show up at the house bringing food and hanging around to do catch up with Ace and Diamond.

I needed space and stayed outside in the backyard smoking a cigarette. I wondered where Zadok was and why he hadn’t shown up yet.

Images of the night I saw the fuckers butcher my mother flashed before my eyes. I-I couldn’t breath.

My necklace started to heat up against my chest. I dropped the cigarette putting it out with my boot heel.

Something was wrong. I looked up and noticed two things a woman in a black suit at the gate staring at me with dark redwood eyes and a strange mist was coming up from the ground almost blocking her from my view. I started to think past the pain and images flashing in my head.

“Fucking witch.”

I drew my revolver from my gun holster aimming it down at my side. I couldn’t seem to lift my hand as I glared at her. I heard feet coming up behind me. Ace stood slightly in front of me cutting her off from my vision.

“Mr. Holmes. I am Nina Gannon. I-“

“Your a fucking dead bitch and whoever else is with you.” Ace said in a voice of cold steel.

“There is no need for such-“

Diamond laughed. It was a harsh sound made the bitch go silent. “You made this so much easier then I thought it would be. Keep talking. I want to know where your masters are so I can pay them a visit.”

“I ain’t listening to no bullshit from this bitch.” Ace said harshly.

“Let her talk.” Joe said calmly. “Go on Miss. You have a card right of business. Hand it to us. We’re open to hearing any offers you have. You came to speak to us. Please. Talk.” Joe said sounding to calm and reasonable I heard him moving closer.

Diamond laughed. Ace was quiet.

My head cleared and I felt blood coming from my nose. I felt someone put a cloth to my nose. I blinked and saw Stacy pale staring at me in fear.

“Heart. Get my woman in the house. Now.” Ace said harshly.

I turned Stacy away and headed to the house. I felt stronger the more distance I gained away from the witch. She was one of them. The fuckers that killed Momma. I was going to kill that bitch.

Fucking bitch may have caught me slipping this time but not anymore. As we neared the house I saw Zadok on the porch with the elders all staring behind us.

“Where were you?”

Zadok flinched at my tone. “I won’t disappoint you again. Come inside. It’s cold.”

Warm regards



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