I hate it when people talk about shit they don’t know a damn thing about especially if they cite their source as CNN

or Hellmouth news to keep it real talk.

It’s the Russia and Ukraine situation. Every time I hear somebody talk about it at the day job or see somebody do a video on YouTube about it. I know by their generic take on it they had to watch some asshole in a suit tell them the narrative of what’s going on?”

I know dick all about war and the politics of it from a historical or political specialist view point. I just know whatever hellmouth news told them is first bullshit in some way and meant to make them think the way they think. Just as long as you don’t question anything everything is fine.The truth is more harder to find for normal folks that don’t already have several blogs they follow outside of the NWO’s control.

It’s like watching a fucking sitcom of “my favorite Russian enemy”. Very few people are humble enough to say they don’t know really what’s going on. It’s good to have an idea of what’s going on or a speculation of what’s happening.

It just fucks with me when people talk like exports on what the fuck another intends to do or what Russia’s planning to do.

Fucking hell. Twenty years from now. Mother fuckers are going to be fucking shell shocked when or if they realize it was all bullshit narratives from the jump.

Warm regards



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