Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 5 Diamond

I opened the envelope. There was a letter and the same sword/cross symbol inside attached to a string. I opened the letter.

Diamond, I love you. Don’t read this aloud. My words are for you.. I know you’ll do what have to protect them family your father and gave you. Keep focused and I’m proud of the man you’ve become and your independent business mind. We had some rough moments and disagreements but you never disappointed me. You are my son. You don’t know how proud I am your strength of will has encouraged me that….I didn’t fail in –

I folded the letter and put it away. The room was quiet as I put the necklace on. I looked up to my brothers. “Momma told me not to read it outloud. The letter is personal.”

Ace nodded and put on his own necklace. He turned to the others. Joe opened his staring at the letter a few seconds before putting it away and putting on his necklace.

Heart was hesitant. Ace walked over and opened it for him carefully getting out his necklace and handing it to him and the letter. “You can read yours when your ready.” Ace said.

Heart seemed to relax and put his necklace on. Ace picked up his letter to find it already open but no necklace inside. He opened the letter.

“Ace. If you reading this letter then Zackary fullfilled his duty before they got to him. I tried to live a simple life after your father your namesake died. I just wanted to keep the tribe together in the neighbor because that was what your father wanted. Family is everything. The shadows that took him from us have never stopped hastling me about the land or buying the legazy of your ancestors. They hated and were jealous of your father and the power he held. It is a power you will now have to take hold of and wield with wisdom and courage.. You know what to do.. Zadok will tell you the legend but my message to you and your brothers will be revealed to you when you hold this letter to the light.”

Ace lifted the letter to the ceiling light.

We crowded in close.

You are strong and courageous. You will prevail and conquer your domain.

I smiled. “Damn straight Momma. For sure.”

Warm regards


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