Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 4 Ace

I woke up at the sound of knocking at the front door. I sprang to my feet out of Momma’s chair with my glock in my hand.

Stacy stared at me from the hair facing me. I heard a phone ring on the couch as I went to the door. Heart was up on his phone. “Yeah. What? Okay. Alright. Hold on. Ace. Mr. Zackary is at the door. Let him in. Put your gun away man.”

Fuck that. I went to the door and opened it half way. One look at the lawyer’s roughed up face and bleeding lip let me know this was serious.

I let him and closed the door locking it. He walked into the living room with his suit case. He waved Heart down. “Sit down son. We got a lot to through and I got to get moving. Your brothers are all here?”

Heart sighed but nodded. “Yeah. Was it the people that-“

“Yes. I need speak to all of you. Now.”

“Diamond. Joe. Get the fuck down here.” I yelled.

I heard feet running down the stairs and then Diamond and Joe stood in the living room in their sweets and T-shirts. Diamond looked at Mr. Zackary and his lip turned up.

Mr. Zackary got out the papers putting them on the table. “You going to need to get yourself lawyer to handle your estate and one you can trust. I can’t handle your business without dishonored myself and profession. The house is yours as is the business she left you letters and instructions in case something like this happened. You’ll approuched soon. For offers for businesses and real-estate she owns. Talk to your lawyer first and do not sign anything without a lawyer seeing it. If you receive a call from me again to meet you somewhere do not accept the call and do not go. It will be a dangerous time right now for all of you so stay close and protect each other. Zadok was your mother’s best friend. You can trust him but I don’t know about anyone else. Be carefull from now on. Their watching you. Any questions?”

“You need a cigarette?” I asked him.

Mr. Zackary smiled and nodded. I got one out handing it to him and lit the end for him. He took a drag and blew oht smoke. He looked at Stacy and then saw the ring. “Your Stacy Meadows an attorney for Blackwater & Gamble. The firm that handles Mr. Holmes real-estate businesses in Florida, correct?”

Stacy stared at him. “How do you know me?”

He shook his head. “It was my job to know. Your late mother-law informed me it would be fine to disclose family information with you in the room. She liked you.” He said and turned back to me and held out his hand. I took it. “Take care of your family.” He said slipping something into my hand.

“I will. Thank you.”

Mr. Zackary let go of my hand turned and left the room and then went out the front door. Diamond went to lock the door.

“What did he-shit.” Diamond said staring at the silver glowing item in my hand. It was a figure of a sword and cross what did it mean? I looked at the four envelopes on the table. Each with our names on them. I picked up Diamond’s and handed to him. “Open it. I think you have one too.”

Warm regards



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