strange dreams: Alex part 9

The full story of 1. Do something wild in the car.

Chapter 2

I didn’t know how to respond to the intense attention Geo was given me at first. Item 2. Do something wild in it.

The list item popped into my head. I knew what I wanted to do. Something reckless and illegal. I smiled up at him. “I’ve been chosen by the goddess.”

Geo took my right hand and looked at it and sighed. “Damn. Story of my life. You ready to take the ride?” He voice lost that interest and intensity instantly.

“But, I’m still in training. There is something I’ve wanted to do in a cruiser all my life. Would you be interested in doing it with me?”

Geo narrowed his eyes. “It end up with me in prison fucking with you in that way bird. I’m not your-“

“I want to race the grey ways for the prize. I’m looking for a navigator to go all the way with me to the hot zone. You in for something hot and sexy.”

Geo froze glancing at Flowers then he stared at me. “What the hell you know about such?”

Excitement made my heart race. “I know enough. You interested in blazing the roads to hot blazing heaven?” I asked him.

Warm regards



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