Conservatives?! Don’t get it. Build your own shit is the answer.

I’m watching this video where two Brits are going over news articles about people basically getting their money stolen legally by banks that don’t like their political views.

The conservatives do a couple of shits and giggles about it but are really concerned that this might make those people that are losing their ability to buy food and pay their fucking bills through banks become unstable. They are concerned this might turn those people to violent actions against society or die.

The conservatives are late to the party on this shit. I know more then a handful of people that the big banks have revoked access to their own fucking money and means of paying for little comforts like food for years.

The conservatives are still on the let’s all come together. Let’s all be reasonable horseshit. It’s all cap because it’s all about maintaining order or not being violent with conservatives. First worlds are turning in to shit holes but conservatives at best have children.. At worst talk about talking about it for shits and giggles.

My opinion…..

Fuck being reasonable with a fucker that want to fuck with my money. I’m just a bard with a day job but I’m not fool enough to think it can’t happen to me. There is only one answer.

Build your own shit.

The people that have survived the world banking industry fucking with their money and ability to eat go old school. Hustling and flowing and building payment systems or going to older methods of getting their funds to get shit done. They live outside the system’s control and power.

Again. Those that control over your money have the ability to remove your money if you say something bad about them. Some might say. It’s illegal. I’m being silly it can’t happen to me. My answer…Owen Benjamin.

Warm regards


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