The four swords of Katie Holmes Prologue Ace

Legend of Zelda four swords, four brothers, The sons of Katie Elder….mix.

I woke up to the sound of my phone going off on the otherside of the hotel bed I was sleeping in. Someone moved in the bed. I heard them pick it up and move around my waist to hand it to me.

I looked at the tiny ruby ring on the hand and inhaled her scent. Stacy. Damn. Why did I give her Momma’s ring. I had been real drunk last night.

I took the phone and looked at the caller ID Heart. Damn it’s been more then a minute sense I heard from him. I answered it and put the phone to my ear.

“Yo. What’s happening Bro? How you doing Fam?”

Silence greeted my answer. Ah. Shit. “What happened?”

“Momma’s dead. I need you to come down to Hylands. There’s a lot to do. Joe is taking it bad and I still got to call Diamond. I don’t even know if-“

“I’ll be there in a couple of hours. I have to drive but I’ll be there by tonight or early tomorrow morning. Anything you need handling I got you.”

Heart sighed. “Thanks Bro. I really need you as quick as possible.”

I heard it in his voice. “How Momma die?”

Stacy froze in the bed and then got up probably to leave. I would have to get the ring from her before I left. Heart was quiet on the line.

“They….they blasted her all over her fucking shop. There wasn’t much left just blood and bones and the mage medic unit confirmed it was her by DNA tracing. They blocked the whole shop off until they’ve cleared it of curses. The whole neighborhood is shocked but that won’t last long. The local guards say their looking into it but it’s BS. Joe is still in shock but that will ease quick enough and you know how Diamond will react when he hears about it. I have to talk to the lawyer about the house and all the other business shit.”

Holy shit. Katie Holmes. My Katie Holmes. Some fucker did that shit to her. I had to get moving fast. I got up out of bed naked looking for my clothes. Stacy was moving about getting dressed and through me my pants while she dressed.

“Alright. Listen. Just hold tight. Ah. Tell Diamond. Shit. Tell him the general facts. Don’t present it like you told me. Just tell him to get his ass down to Hylands. When we’re all together then you can lay it out when you’ve had some time to process it. Don’t push yourself or let nobody push you.. Keep Joe close and handle as much as you can until I get down.”

“Okay. Okay. We’ll be at the house the key will be in the usual place if we’re asleep when you get here.”

“Alright, bro. Don’t worry I’m coming. Love you. Bye.” I said and hung up on him. Holy shit I had to move fast. I started putting on my dress shirt and pulling on my pants as I looked for Stacy. “Stacy. Baby. I’m going to need the ring back.”

Stacy came in the room dressed in her suit. “No. I’m coming with you. I can be some help in helping the family handle the legal issues and read out the will and such.”

I frowned at her. “My Momma had a family lawyer for that. Guy Zackary. Straight up from what my Momma told me.”

Stacy frowned at me. “Have you ever met the man? Do you trust him?”


Stacy nodded. “I’m coming with you.”

Warm regards



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