A strange case of a dude asking for permission to have power. No. It don’t work that way.

It’s a matter of power.

It was a podcast I watched recently of panel of females and males. A guest comes and is of the Hebrew Israelite crowd. He starts a fire in conversation easily.

He makes an argument that all women of his protectcular tribe need to give men in his tribe power over them. Now he didn’t say power he said respect but the females understood he meant power. They’re correct.

The dude tries to use the Bible to back up his claim and says a female has to give the men this power over them.

The females buck against this correctly. This is some bullshit on the highest level. But, they of course don’t know why.

I do.

Power is not given. Power is not permission. Power is power.

Example. I’ve worked on my day job for close to 3 and half years. I have gained alot skills, confidence and authority in what I do. I am used to telling people to go do this or come over here and do that. It’s effected how I communicate with females. Leadership isn’t hard for me. It’s knowing people and commanding respect. I exercise dominance and authority over them without thinking about it.

It can get annoying because people look to me to lead them or rely on me more then I would like. Though I do have a protective side that leads me to look out for people I consider my own. People see that and they appreciate that and act like I am their own as well. So the level of trust is there.

It’s a mutual trust and respect. Half the time I don’t know this is happening.

Now I say all this to say. If a man is with his woman or any woman really the female can smell it on a man.

As a man, you don’t ask a female for power or authority over her. A man commands that authority in how he moves in how he acts in the manner he speaks. This is basic shit.

Now. I could be wrong. But, the idea of a man asking a woman pretty please submit to my authority is laughable. It’s alluding to something that makes no damn sense.

You either are a man with authority or your not. A female can not give you authority over her. The very act would be a lie and a fraud. A man commands authority or he’s admiting he has no authority and no balls.

Seriously though someone tell me if I’m bullshitting here.

Warm regards



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