The life and times of a professional baby Momma

BM dreams were simple. She was a simple minded person. She just wanted a baby and some money.

BM went to school. She got her professional credits and accolades. She dreams of being a divorce attorney. She had a plan. His name was Joe and she was going to get her baby and throw Joe to the side once the deed was done.

Twenty-five years later, her baby girl is grown. BM had a new dream at age 40-ty. She wanted a husband. Her boss suggested it as a means of getting more clients. A high value man who makes more money then her of course.

So she went on the hunt. Banged all she could and still no buyer for the prize.

She asked her single mother for advice. Her mother stared at her in surprise. She asked. “Who told you that you needed a husband? I never had one and neither did my mother. That isn’t how you were raised.”

Warm regards



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